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One thing I liked while rereading this was seeing that Kellhus actually has feelings. Hes not entirely robotic. He expresses pity when he almost kills Cnaiur on the beach. Watching Esmi almost fall made his heart skip a beat. He actually cares about her. In his delusions while on the Circumfix with Serwe he prays for her to come back to life. Real interesting stuff. This makes his appearance of instability in the next trilogy make more sense. It started here.

I was stricken with a reinvigorated love for the books over the christmas break, and i ripped through half of TWP. Gonna stop and let you guys catch up.

Literature / Re: Steven Erikson (The 3.5 million word journey?)
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I didn't really like Malazan. I finished House Of Chains and could do no more. Deadhouse Gates was a pretty great book, but the rest were just okay. It's a huge sprawling series which tries to give this larger than life feel, but after you give any critical thought to the plot and characters it all just falls apart with inconsistencies. Numerous characters end up being just completely irrelevant. Characters are ancient beings and supposed to be awesome, but they are so paper thin with little to no character development. Things happen because the plot demands they happen. I do remember really liking Karsa; but it wasn't enough to keep me going. The world history is extremely deep and goes back thousands of thousands of years, but it never feels like its a REAL place where these things actually happened.

When I started PON I thought to myself: "this is Erikson done right". It has that epic feel as well but is filled with interesting characters and the world has color to it.

Just my two cents...

Why does Kellhus want Serwe so bad ? And are the haloes she sees real or is she just nuts ?

I think the purpose of these "hints" is to give the reader another reason to think Maithanet is not all that he seems. It also makes sense from an authors perspective to reveal this mystery of these minor hints in the same trilogy. You give the reader the answers to the small mysteries which are really only relevant to the PON trilogy, while leaving the over-arching and large questions to be revealed in the subsequent series. Thus the most logical answer would be that he found out Maithanet is actually working with the Cishaurin / Moenghus and or that he is Moenghus's son.

Also, maybe i was wrong to use the word "canon" but what I meant was, until we are told otherwise in the text or by Bakker, I am going to believe this is the answer.

These are the types of questions that I drive myself further insane by debating an answer, given the way my answers collapse ambiguity and mystery by giving indication of what comes after (or that lack).

However, my guess has always been that Inrau found proof of Maithanet's correspondence with his father, Moenghus - more horrifyingly known to Inrau and the Inrithi as Mallahet, especially as Aurang doesn't seem to know what Inrau found either. After all, Inrau already had his evidence that Maithanet did sincerely treat with the Scarlet Spires.

This makes the most sense. The perfect explanation to what Inrau could have found that would explain his reaction. I will from here on out consider it canon.

Wait so is it possible that Aurang is near in his physical body ? He usually uses the synthese to get around stealthily, but decided to visit Esmenet in a glamoured form ? I feel like this is the only explanation to explain how in one chapter hes in the synthese and the next hes a human raping Esmenet.

This is what makes the connection real for me:

If only he could have forgotten . . . forgotten what the Mandate had taught him. If he could’ve done that, then this last heartbreaking revelation would have been meaningless to him. If only Achamian had not come. The price was too high.

Throughout the trilogy, the aims of the Holy War and The Consult are the same and the skin spies seem to be working in Momemn to prevent the Ikurei from compromising it... I have more thoughts on that I want to post in The Emperor thread. But this passage really makes it look like Maithanet was aligned with the Consult.

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You guys just blew my mind with the Consult and Dunyain alliance theory ! I agree with you Bolivar, i feel like this "heartbreaking revelation" cannot be the fact that the Scarlet Spires are joining the Holy War. This was discussed in the previous chapter and Inrau didn't seem so upset about it during that scene. He must have found something else out !

My only question on the theory is whether it is the Dunyain as a whole who could be possibly be aligned with the Consult, or just Moenghus; and also how this applies to Moenghus's plans for Kellhus and TTT. I really need to re-read that confrontation chapter at the end of TTT.

Right, but does it really matter if it was his idea or not? Nothing goes on without his consent. Also, the replacing of Conphas's soldiers was his idea,

Actually, i think the soldier swap might have been Skeos:

Especially after the farce at the Forum the previous day. Xerius needed only to glimpse at his nephew’s face to know that Skeaös had been right. There had been murder in Conphas’s eyes.

But I think your right, it doesn't really matter who comes up with the ideas, Xerius is still able to recognize a good idea when he hears one. This is why the re-read has been so enjoyable so far. My impression of Xerius going into the re-read was that he was a dimwitted fool. How wrong I was !

I give him far more credit than this. He came up with many great plans and Skeos , and/or the thing called Skeos, opposed him much of the way.

What other plans does he come up with on his own ? I guess it was his idea to form a treaty with Shigek. Most of the time you see him accepting his counselors ideas and acting like they are his own, which is like you said, the arrogance of being emperor.

My life, he thought. My life.
Inrau lowered his face, tried to grimace away his weeping. If only he could forget. If only . . .
The Shriah. But how could it be?

Please! Let me forget this!

“No different, I suppose, from what you were doing in the Shriah’s apartments, hmm?”

I could be wrong, but the writing seems to imply that this takes place right after Inrau had been looking around in the Shriah's apartments and found something that he wants to forget.

Also, thanks for the warm welcoming guys ! I am excited about the reread and hope to get to your Dunyain level.... someday lol

“No. I am your end. Before your eyes I will put your seed to the knife. I will quarter your carcass and feed it to the dogs. Your bones I will grind to dust and cast to the winds. I will strike down those who speak your name or the name of your fathers, until ‘Yursalka’ becomes as meaningless as infant babble. I will blot you out, hunt down your every trace! The track of your life has come to me, and it goes no further. I am your end, your utter obliteration!”

Sometimes I forget how brutal this series can be...

P.S. Cnaiur is awesome !

His uncle was like those uncommon drunks who slurred and staggered day after day yet became lethally alert when confronted by danger.

Conphas pretty much nails Xerius character in one sentence. So many times you realize that all of the emperors plans and opinions are based off someone else's (mostly Skeos). Clearly he is an idiot and doesn't know what he is doing, but then he will show a slight sliver of political prowess; like his plan with the Vulgar Holy War.

This is what I find truly interesting about the character. In many other series you will see stupid characters that are unequivocally stupid, with no redeeming moments. People in real life aren't that black and white, which makes this character more realistic. I like him. I wish we got to see more of him in the subsequent novels.

Also I love this scene where Conphas is contemplating murdering Xerius right then and there, and somehow Xerius(Skeos) anticipated this and disguised the Eothic guard as Conphas's soldiers. Awesome reveal. 

First post here guys. I'm not as well versed in the series as some of you. This will be my first re-read and its been awhile since I first read the books. That being said, one of my favorite series ever and am totally looking forward to The Great Ordeal. Hopefully you guys don't mind a pleb like me asking a few questions.

First of which: do we know what Inrau found in Maithanet's apartments that upset him so ? I don't remember any reference to that later in the books.

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