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General Earwa / Re: TSACast (SA Podcast)
« on: May 15, 2017, 04:03:14 pm »
Exciting! I'm looking forward to listening.  :)

Thanks! I'm glad to have someone agree with me.  ;D

I'm almost done with my 2nd read of the series (so much more detail picked up this time).

General Earwa / Re: TSACast (SA Podcast)
« on: October 11, 2016, 01:13:21 am »
What equipment do I need for a cast?

The internet, skype, and a microphone of some kind.

I'm not a podcaster - but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night  ;D - but I do work remote and communicate via voice chat all day with my co-workers... So similar issues would come into play. And IMO a headset (w/ microphone) - not just a standalone mic - does wonders for audio clarity. (less issues with feedback and audio loops if the mic can't pick up other voices) It also lets you hear others better and can determine easier if their audio is acceptable.

The Great Ordeal / Re: [TGO SPOILERS] The DREAMS
« on: September 30, 2016, 03:01:28 am »
About the dreams - And why why are seeing perspectives outside of Seswatha in TGO - I'm currently re-reading TJE, and Akka actually has his first dream from a 3rd person point of view.
(where the Wracu are attacking the library, and suddenly Akka is dreaming from a more omniscient point of view, wondering where Seswatha is)

So I didn't realize it during my first read, but these non-Seswatha dreams are nothing new.

General Earwa / Re: The Gods - which is your favorite?
« on: September 26, 2016, 04:37:13 pm »
None of them. They are all jerks!  ;D

The Great Ordeal / Re: [TGO Spoilers] Overall thoughts on the book?
« on: September 25, 2016, 10:49:53 pm »
I'm very surprised to hear that Odium thinks this is a nadir of Mr. Bakker's writing.  In terms of sheer creativity, I feel like this is really a peak.  The grasping darkness of Ishterebinth, the sense of impending doom at Dagliash, the faded screams in the memories of the thousand-thousand halls of Ishual...  Those are just absolutely dazzling creations that had me swooning.

Indeed, those are the strongest parts of the 2nd trilogy. Bakker's best writing so far, IMO.

But... My main issue with TGO is that all those three parts are front-loaded in the beginning of the book - so end never quite reaches the height of the beginning. But this is likely a problem caused by the split of TGO and TUC. But it is a small nitpick nonetheless.

The Great Ordeal / Re: [TGO Spoilers]Kellhus, savior or not?
« on: September 23, 2016, 07:26:01 am »
This seems to be the end of that exchange:

I tend the fields …
  A glutinous breath. The squint of a soul attempting to squint away its own misgivings. “You think th-this voice is … is your own?”
  And burn them.
  The Place smiled the negligent smile of those who could have no stake in feuds so minor.
  “The truth of a thing lies in its origins, Proyas. I know not from whence this voice comes.”
  Hope, beaming with a hand-seizing urgency. “Heaven! It comes from Heaven! Can’t you see?”
  The Place gazed down at its most beautiful slave.
  “Then Heaven is not sane.”

It sounds like Kellhus has given himself over to a kind of dark insanity. I've also never heard the language of becoming place so strongly used since the flashback to the trials at Ishual at the end of the Darkness that Comes Before. It almost seems like he's completely stamped out  the remaining fragments within to become the pure embodiment of the Dunyain mission. I don't think he's a savior - he's already put too many nations to the sword and ordered too many atrocities to be carried out in his name. I don't think he cares at all about damnation, so long as it doesn't get in the way of achieving the Absolute and awakening the god.

One thing to keep in mind is that everything Kellhus says to someone else is intended to manipulate, so it can't necessarily be taken at face value. Only his interior thoughts portray his true intentions and beliefs - and even then he could be deluding himself.

The Great Ordeal / Re: Proyas and the No-God
« on: September 21, 2016, 04:38:59 pm »
@Wilshire, I was referring to you suggesting that he is conditioning him to be apart of releasing the NO-GOD.

I thought it was Yellow (the OP) that suggested that, not Wilshire? (unless you are referring to a previous conversation I'm not aware of)

The Great Ordeal / Re: (TGO Spoilers) Son of the Survivor
« on: September 20, 2016, 12:30:49 am »
I think his defect was emotional, he still had familial passions, much like Kelmommas except not a psychopath. That is why the assessor deemed him defective in the crib, he could see the emotional attachment of the child. The fingers would be of no concern to the Dunyain.

I always interpreted emotions in Dunyain as something that was drilled out of them by instruction & practice - not something they had mostly bred out of their gene pool.

General Earwa / Re: The Prince of Nothing: TV series
« on: September 20, 2016, 12:18:39 am »
Yep, they're gunna have trouble with showing wangs at all, let alone erect ones. I guess it'd be ground breaking, though I'm not sure I can place my finger on who's ground it'd break. Sure, when a show actually shows a nude male for once (instead of just nude females), I'm like 'Ho, they actually did it!' I'm a little shocked, but it's hardly super important by itself. I'd think actually showing erect penises actually has the problem of being kind of hilariously ridiculous! Though I guess the rape will kill that humor soon enough.

Yep, that's going to be an issue. One way to approach it would be that the Sranc and Inchoroi are more into pain and violence, and that it gives them pleasure to inflict pain. (but not so much sexual pleasure which allows the "rapy-ness" to be deemphasized)

Seeing lots of Sranc running around with erect phalluses is just going to look ridiculous, even ignoring the rape aspect. Have them simply get enjoyment from inflicting pain instead.

The Great Ordeal / Re: Reading TTT, this passage stood out [TGO spoilers]
« on: September 18, 2016, 07:50:45 am »
End damnation - to introduce hyper damnation! All the soul reading skills of a Dunyain used to really judge ya good!
Wouldn't that be called Meta-damnation? :)

The Great Ordeal / Re: Reading TTT, this passage stood out [TGO spoilers]
« on: September 17, 2016, 06:46:09 am »
Oh I agree. I don't think he will join the Consult. They have the same goal, but I think he is taking a different (shorter) path.

And yes, I do believe he cares... In some remote Dunyain-ish way. But that might not stop him from being considered a monster from a normal human point of view.

The Great Ordeal / [TGO spoilers] Reading TTT, this passage stood out
« on: September 17, 2016, 06:05:05 am »
As I finished my first re-read of TTT yesterday, I came upon this passage

(From "The Thousandfold Thought", just before Kellhus stabs Moenghus:)

Kellhus: “The crimes you’ve committed, Father … the sins … When you learn of the damnation that awaits you, when you come to believe, you will be no different from the Inchoroi. As Dûnyain, you will be compelled to master the consequences of your wickedness. Like the Consult, you will come to see tyranny in what is holy … And you will war as they war.”

It seems like Kellhus is inching closer and closer to what claimed his father would do. He now appears to war against damnation, his tactics taking him closer and closer to the Consult. (metaphorically *and* geographically) Some irony, eh?  :)

General Earwa / Re: The Prince of Nothing: TV series
« on: September 16, 2016, 11:07:25 pm »
What theme does it set? I'm honestly curious...

"Forgive me. There are no crimes when no one is left alive."

"We are Dunyain, child. Why would you fear us?"

"Because where there are men, there are crimes."

"There are only crimes when men are deceived"

Thanks for that, you do have a point... And reading those lines after reading the books does make them seem important. But I never personally liked how those lines were said by the characters, it didn't make much sense in the actual prologue.

I agree with people that the first apocalypse needs to be emphasized in *some kind* of prologue. BUT... The book 1 prologue tells us really nothing about the first apocalypse, which is why it really doesn't work for me.

Instead of the existing prologue which characters that we will actually see again, I would take advantage of the visual medium and create something more spectacular for an opening/intro/prologue. How about this:
1. Quick explanation of Earwa shared by two races Non-men and Men. (Non-men very much shown as Prometheus alien style creatures)
2. Spectacular shot of the Inchoroi ship entering the atmosphere and impacting the ground, massive shockwave
3. Brief view of the battle of Mengedda, the No-God hovering over the battlefield - "WHAT AM I? WHAT DO YOU SEE?"
4. Another cut to Celmomas dying in Akka's arms, and the prophesy uttered... "An Anasurimbor will return at the end of the world"
5. Akka wakes up from his dream. Esmenet comforts him, and we get a quick explanation that this wasn't just a dream... This actually happened. And now seems like it will happen again.

I think something like this will definitely grab the attention of people... Those who just expect something like LOTR and GOT will go "wizards *AND* aliens!?!?!"  :o

All of these scenes will be expanded on in future episodes and Akka dreams. One could even do something interesting and start *every* episode with an Akka dream, gradually revealing more and more.

As far as the episode structure, I think one could do something very interesting, and do have character specific episodes - at least to begin with. Like this:
Episode 1. Kellhus - Start with him leaving Ishual on his long journey. Intercut with Moenghus dreams calling him to Shimeh. He finds Leweth, manipulates him, and then they are attacked by Sranc and the erratic. End on cliffhanger.
Episode 2. Akka - Our intro to the scholastic worlds, Esmenet, and Inrithi and Nansur politics. Akka meets with informant (in Monemn), he is sent to investigate Maithanet, recruits Inrau. Holy war is declared. End on Inrau being killed by the Consult.
Episode 3. Cnaiur - Cnaiur is getting ready for the battle of Kiyuth, but flashes back to him meeting Moenghus and that trauma, how he bacame chieftain. Battle starts (our first view of real sorcery power in battle), Cnaiur escapes by use of trinket (our first introduction to that) and heads home. But as he rides by his fathers grave, he finds... Kellhus. Cliffhanger.  ;D
Episode 4. Kellhus & Cnaiur - Kellhus manipulates Cnaiur to ride with him to the three seas. They ride across the steppe and have many excellent conversations. They are attacked by other Scylvendi, and rescue Serwe.

And so on...

General Earwa / Re: The Prince of Nothing: TV series
« on: September 16, 2016, 10:17:15 pm »
Esmenet and Serwë will be condensed into a single character and Kellhus will hang on the Circumfix alone if this show makes it that far. Calling it.

I think you're right, but that would suck. Serwe is the CIPHER.

Cipher for what, though? Even though Bakker has stated that she is important, here we are 5 books later, we still have no idea what she is the cipher for.

I think she could be merged with Esmenet, but I wouldn't personally do it. There are precious few female characters in PoN to begin with.

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