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The No-God / Kellhus and the Dreams - what could it lead to?
« on: May 24, 2018, 08:01:35 pm »
Hi All

So, A few people have commented on the idea of Kellhus appearing in the Dreams, perhaps starting with Akka and then the Mandate and Swayali, providing continuity of his leadership and control after Resumption. I provided a few of my thoughts on this, and seeing the positive comments on the idea I thought it would be good to discuss what people think, if this theory is feasible, what it might mean for TNG and the hopes/fates of the protagonists that we think have survived Golgotterath.

What do you think might happen if Kellhus appears in the Dreams? Will he supplant Seswatha, or something else? What would he command? Who will he appear to, and why? Where do you think the story will go if this idea is right? I'd be fascinated to know what people think.

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