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General Misc. / eSports vs Sports
« on: February 20, 2018, 04:49:42 pm »
This convo started in the Olympics thread and Wilshire suggested we should probably make a thread of its own, as to not make Dora Vee change into a Ciphrang and shut down the forum. (Kidding, I feel you ire Dora Vee)

Wilshire and I had some convo about this, along with Tleilaxu, and if anyone would like to jump in and offer thoughts, please do.

From the Oxford dictionary: An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

That's what I think excludes eSports, from being a real sport. Sure we can attach sport onto the end of anything for commercial reasons. That's the reason its being done in video games, to attract more people. But, for all the skill (mental, hand-eye coordination), you are missing the physical exertion which makes a sport, a sport. Trust me, I know it takes plenty of skill. I played Madden from the time it came out til about the 2005 version, and I was very, very good. I have nephews that would beat me today with their eyes closed. So, I'm not questioning that one bit.

I also linked a story from ESPN where a Curling athlete from Russia tested positive for PED's. I did this because Wilshire used Curling as a comparable sport to eSports. I don't believe there have been any PED controversies in any eSports competitions.

So, just a place to nicely discuss what constitutes a sport and what does not.

Oh, one last thought. I do see a future where kids have whole rooms that act as a virtual world, and that is how you play the game. Actually running, ducking, jumping and so forth. I've always thought ill see it before I die. If it does come to that, then I would consider that a sport. There would be tons of physical exertion in such a thing. Alas, we are not there yet, but probably very close.

The Unholy Consult / "Kellhus is dead, but not done."
« on: February 15, 2018, 07:21:27 pm »
This is a quote from the Con. Bakker confirmed his death, but still must have some sort of role to play. I started the thread because if like to hear everyone's thought on what this could possibly constitute. Here's a few of my thoughts I've had on it.

Most likely: Kellhus is simply in the other decapitant. And might have simply put off the possibility of damnation for the time being.

My crazy theory: He's in "a" decapitant. The mysterious deaths of "I forget the year but a poster here remarkably found them in the glossary", and he created a "network" to move around with the decapitants. Kinda like Shae, but not. Basically, I think he has more than the two decapitants and has strategically placed them.

I don't find the above likely, its just a thought. But, I'd love to hear other idea's on what this could possibly mean. Oh, and Bakker did confirm he is not in the Outside. Maybe one can't take Bakker for his word and he is wily when answering questions. But, for this thread, he is dead and not done and isn't on the Outside. What ya think about it?

General Misc. / College BBall
« on: January 23, 2018, 12:55:50 am »
As you all should know I'm a die hard WVU fan. Ranked #2 last week and blew to games on the road where we had leads of at least 15 points. If you watch a WVU BIGXII conference game you will see we get absolutely no calls. But, I still think we win regular or tournament championship.

I don't know that we have the offensive firepower to win a NC. But, I can easily see us as a Final Four team. We're very good this year and we're not going anywhere. Huggy Bear is bringing in some big time recruits. We are definitely a National Contender, a weaker one though, ill admit. We definitely ain't the Duke, Michigan St, and Kentucky's of the college bball world. But we're legit.

Oh, if think it be fun to have a tournament bracket competition on Yahoo, same as the pick em BFK suggested in NFL. Would be a lot of fun. And, the less you know, the better chance you have at winning the bracket it seems.

Literature / Yearly Targets 2018
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:55:28 pm »
Another version for '18. A place to post what you want to read and what you actually read.

Right now I'm reading Furies of Calderon, by Jim Butcher. First book in the Codex Alera. I have heard A lot of good things about it and I'm flying through this book.

I think I can read 25-30 books this year. No plans on what I want to read. Just when I see something that strikes my fancy, I read it. Though, I definitely plan on a reread of at least TAE, if not TSA as a whole. I love TDTCB, and its hard not to start there.

General Misc. / College Football
« on: December 18, 2017, 08:22:46 pm »
Wvu fan through and through. Playing in a bad bowl vs Utah. QB is hurt, though just said he'll be back for senior year.

That makes next year our best chance at aBIGXII title. Grier healthy and a older mature D, and I think we'll be a tough out for anyone.

General Misc. / NFL I - And so it begins..
« on: December 18, 2017, 08:15:52 pm »
Figured I'd start at thread where am lover of NFL can congregate and talk trash. Ill begin.

Been a Washington Redkins fan all my life. We had some good years when I was young. Williams and our offense destroyed the Broncos (Gary Clark WR, one of my favorite skins ever. Great game. Beating Buffalo with the great QB Mark Rypien (that's sarcasm, hope you got it.).

Then well its been a downhill slide since then. Multiple Coaches, Players, Overpaid Veteran players and just horrible front office decisions.

Now, we have Cousins, who'll we'll probably lose, because we paid the man. He's the only reason we stay in game. We have a ton of injuries. Should've paid Cousins last year, I pray he stays, because when we're healthy, we have the ability to be a playoff team, with a couple pieces, a contender.

So, introduce yourself and team. And, tell us your joyous years (fuck you Pats fans), or you're miserable or middling years of football fandom.

I think if Wentz didn't go down, Eagles would be would've represented the NFC. Its more open now, but I think Foles can get the job done. Thats a talented team.

AFC, Pats. Enough said. Though I hope they get blasted by someone in the playoffs. Though, as much as I hate Brady, he's a football god.

The No-God / TNG- Your expectations and wants
« on: November 09, 2017, 03:29:35 pm »
This thread has grown from another thread and would like to know what you guys expect. Why you expect it. And, ultimately, what would be best for Bakker, the author. See, we have a good example what happens when an author veers from his usual content, to that of full on philosophical musings. Insert Steve Erickson, who has had his 3rd and final installment of the Kharkanas Trilogy discontinued. And, I would hope that Bakker not leave so much on the table as he did in TUC. Example- The Akka and Kellhus meeting. Wow. I was expecting some huge reveals and it was set up nicely, only to have Kellhus shrug and walk away. Bad form in my opinion.

I love Bakker and his writing. And, I am sure that Bakker is a good, decent human being. But, a hard-headed one at that. I think he needs to drift from the desolation of a world to that where Mankind can survive, barely. Its not a whole lot of hope and quite frankly a small amount of redemption, if any. The plot has been set up as to where this can happen. And, after the loss, or rather I say it's of so many Bakker fans at the end of TUC (which I don't get, because after reflection, I feel it was done splendidly), and further his AMA comments, which I don't understand the venomous outlash at that.

He needs to bounce back with something new, but the same ol'Bakker style. He did say he was for the first time in his life a discovery writer. Which, regardless of how so many here feel, I think a little girl of his might have an impact on what he thinks human are capable of and what he would want humankind to do.

In short, I think we'll get the same Bakker. Great prose, description top notch, better than anyone I've read and a continue to build a world with so much intrigue and mystery that its had me on this board for 5 years discussing and dissecting.

So please, offer your take on all that I have. Your reasons, why you might think this or that would happen. And, I would love for textual evidence to be sighted. Just not what you would want, but if its what you want, where that's backed up in the story.

General Misc. / College Football
« on: September 09, 2017, 09:01:54 pm »
I'm a huge WVU fan. See, we have no pro sports here in WV and the Mountaineers are our team. We love them and Saturdays in the fall are all about the Eers'.

We lost to VT last week, a game we should've won and had many opportunities to win. But, it was a season opener with a new QB against a very good opponent and we held our own. Today, beat ECU 56-20. Grier loved good as did Crawford. We needed this game, to get our new team in a flow and give them some confidence. I think we'll shock alot of people in the BIGXII this year, because, as always, we're not getting any respect. I like it that way though.

Any other college fans? Wannna talk some football? Here's a thread for it.

The Unholy Consult / (TUC spoilers) Esme, what makes her so important
« on: September 01, 2017, 03:16:28 pm »
This thread is based on a post The Honorable H made elsewhere. So, I'm not taking credit from him. But, I've been thinking long on this since then.

H, mentioned that Esme brought The Prophet (Mimara) and also The No-God (Kelmommas) into the world. She is Kellhus only darkness. (Is go into Baby Kellhus here but that's another thread, and one im continually interested in).

H, brought up how she is the Mary mother of Jesus figure and possibly Mary Magdalene. All quote interesting tho he to think on.

Kellhus knew he had to have Esme and in PiN attributed to her intellect, bullshit. He just hadn't learned enough about the world to know her importance at the time and I don't think he did at the end either. I do think he loved her, but I won't go over that her. You can find many a thread with H and I arguing over that. But, one thing is for sure, Esme is crucial to the events of TSA so far and wherever it goes from here.

So, I'd love for H to share his thoughts, but others too. What makes this women, basically the bringer of God and The No-God into the world. And, any ideas as to what role she might play going forward.

The Unholy Consult / [TUC Spoilers] The Nonman who reached Oblivion..
« on: August 04, 2017, 07:42:56 pm »
When the Ciphrang kills the Nonman and cannot find his soul afterward, i immediately knew that the Nonman had found oblivion. I dont even think its in doubt. Its possible. Even though, throighout the whole series we're told that it is not. This would also go back to Akka and Cnaüir's talk about madness and it leaking in and Kellhus saying thats not how it works, he thought there wasnt any cracks. Apparently, there are. Did anyone else get that he went to Oblivion also?

[EDIT Madness: Title. Almost Tuesday, erryone.]

The Unholy Consult / [TUC Spoilers]Decapitant, Baby or his own Niché
« on: July 28, 2017, 09:38:56 pm »
Well, from the Q&A we definitely know that Akokli cannot find Kellhus. Theories have been put forth on ways he has escaped. From Bakkers answer i am now leaning towards Decapitant. But, i also like to think that that serene place he talked to himself in his dreams is his own little niché in the Outside. That he's warring to kill the 100 and end the soul munching, rewrite the rules of the Outside, so to say. But, please, id live to hear your thoughts on where he is. Because he isnt God food, that has been confirmed. Also confirmed, is that he tricked the Trickster, as ive been saying. Sorry, Redeagl, youll be seeing more of Kellhus.

Quote from:  Jurble
Not to derail this thread, but the Baby Kellhus Theory (henceforth to be referred to as M+A=K) isn't contingent on Kellhus knowing Mimara has TJE.  Its only presumption is that Kellhus is now a baby.

If you want me to, i will go back to Westeros and here and quote your posts. You inferred that the Tapestry was proof of Baby Kellhus, it confirmed it. Mimara's baby was vorn before the rise of the No-God, so it got its soul from the Outside. The only way possible that Kellhus became Mimara's baby is if when he died he went ro the Outside and at the time of birth his soul went to the babies. I guess its plausible, but he would of had ro have known a lot about Mimara. If he knew nothing about the meaning of the Tapestry, that tells me he knew nothing of her being pregnant.

Anyhow, i am open to any all all theories and would live to hear all your ideas.

[Wilshire: Editing title slightly to remove possible spoiler content - it's getting harder to come up with good ones!]

The Unholy Consult / [TUC Spoilers]Mimara..The Tapestry
« on: July 23, 2017, 11:59:05 pm »
Quote from:  TUC
Light gleams across a thatch of golden thread, drawing her eye to what appears to be a heavy blanket crumpled across a cot—a kind of field settee to her right. She walks toward it, savouring the feeling of fabric beneath her toes. A terror leaps upon the summit of her breath. Her throat aches.
She clutches the blanket, draws it out like a matron inspecting wares in the market. For a time she draws no breath whatsoever.
The blanket is actually a small ornamental tapestry, supple for the extraordinary quality of the weave. The tapestry itself she has seen before, she realizes. It once hung in the Sartorials, the imperial feast hall near the summit of the Andiamine Heights. But the image ... that she has seen much more recently.
It seems she can even smell it, the moss and rotting bark, the air choked of all motion—the Mop.
A dank socket between trees. A rare shaft of moonlight. Her own reflection across a black pool ... only transformed by the Eye into the very image she now holds in her hands ...
A pregnant woman, her cropped hair all the more black for the plate of brilliant silver about her head.

So, here is the quote on the tapestry, where the Kellhus is Mimara's baby have sprung from. I dont know if that is the case, but i find this a beatiful piece of writing. That this existed in the Momemn the whole time Mimara was there, suggests Kellhus did know of her role as prophetess, maybe. This could just be a tapestry depicting a prophecy that is ancient. I do think Kellhus knew that Mimara was with the Eye and needed her at Golgoterreath. Why? I really have no clue, but lets discuss it. Do you think Kellhus commissioned the Tapestry? Do you think it existed even before Kellhua arrived in the Three-Seas? Its important, that is without question. Would love to hear all of your thoughts.

Literature / Yearly Targets and what youve read. 2017
« on: January 05, 2017, 07:06:47 pm »

I have just finished Dune (1), and am about halfway through Dune Messiah. I heard the first three are the only ones worth reading so I'll go onto Hyperion Cantos after that, thank you Wilshire. I'm gonna do a little sci-fi and then a complete TSA re-read before TUC comes out. Happy New Years, to all.

General Misc. / The Offended Eye
« on: November 03, 2016, 09:07:33 pm »
This is just in response to Hiro and my exhange and the confusion henceforth. Again, apologies Hiro if you thought it directed at you and can see why you could think that. I'm a internet stooge sometimes and don't convey enough information in my posts for people to clearly understand my intent.

First, let me give you a little background on me. I as raised by my grandparents. My biological mom had me when she was 15, dad was 17. Neither were fit to raise me and my younger brother and my father's parents raised me. My BM (biological mom from here on out) then went on to marry a black man. Never had a great relationship with BM when I was younger, let's just say she had her own personal demons. But my step-father was there for me to make sir I had a relationship with my half sisters (whom are obviously half black). Till this day I have more love for him than my BM. I had great relationships with my sister's, all but one who seemed to think of me as a honky (funny since we both came out of a white woman, though that is bridge under the water.). But me giving everyone this back story of my life is to show as a "so-called privileged white make I've dealt with racism my entire life. I live in WV, where these kinds familys, you could say, can be look down upon. I've been called n****s lover for simply having black sisters, dealt with my BM being stared at and sneered at while in public with all these "different"looking kids. And that doesn't even touch the surface, those are some vanilla examples, there have been worse, fights where my step-father didn't put up with that. What I'm saying is im no stranger to racism. I've seen the uglines of it And fought against it my entire life.

That being said, in referring to Wilshire's statement is was more in regard to people wanting to be offended, wanting to feel wrong. It's EVERYONE, every ethnicity, social demographic, the rich, the poor and son and so on. I've made several attempts to call people in this bullshit on Facebook and ask them to try and find a solution to these problems. Guess what? No responses, other than from my aisters who know my intentions, know where my heart on these issues truly lie. And, it's not just minorities or women, it's white men, executives, businessmen, again EVERYONE. It's like everyone feels they have to right to blame their problems on everyone else, take insult to any words that might offend their ears, without looking at intent, exact what Wilshire said.

So, I'll ask you guys. What can we do to stop all of this division? To stop everyone bitching and moaning and blaming their lot in life on racism and sexism and any other ism you can think of. It's so rampant and, to me, causes more harm than good. It just keeps the division and hate at the front and center. I've yet to have anyone offer me any kind of solution, or hell, a way to start moving towards one. Or, is this just human nature and this will always exist? This want to take sides and "go to war" over what in my mind, could be solved by open minds and a willingness to cooperate.

So there, I've opened up, told you a little about my background and where I'm coming from and how I see these issues. I'm sure this thread will get looked at and no one will want to touch it. But, it's something that weighs heavily on me. As a white male, I've experienced the hate of racism first hand, when supposedly that cannot be the case, because of white privilege and all that. I'd just like to hear other stories and thoughts on how, maybe, one day we can all co-exist as humans. Not by the color of our skin or how much money we live on, or our sexual orientation and so forth.

The Great Ordeal / Kellhus's Visions
« on: September 29, 2016, 10:36:12 pm »
So, here recently, I have became very interested in Kellhus's visions of the tree and the Monk. We see in TGO that it seems that its Kellhus. Which at face value might be true. But, Moenghus is described as the spitting image of Kiellhus, just bald and eyeless. Now, what he would look like in the Outside might be very different than when he was alive and the time of his death. The same can be said of Koringhus. Those are the only options i see. I think whoever it is, they have escaped damnation, which is why I include Koringhus, even though his part was small, after joining the Absolute he would have access to all of time. Here is the first vision Kellhus has on the Circumfix. I will add the rest in order as I find them, or if any of you would like to help, please do. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on who it is and their motivations.

Something dropped within him, and he tumbled into sleep, cold water rinsing bruised and broken skin. Dreams followed. Dark tunnels, weary earth. A ridge, curved like a sleeping woman’s hip, against the night sky And upon it two silhouettes, black against clouds of stars, impossibly bright. The figure of a man seated, shoulders crouched like an ape, legs crossed like a priest. And a tree with branches that swept up and out, forking across the bowl of the night. And about the Nail of Heaven, the stars revolved, like clouds hurried across winter skies. And Kellhus stared at the figure, stared at the tree, but he could not move. The firmament cycled, as though night after night passed without day. Framed by the wheeling heavens, the figure spoke, a million throats in his throat, a million mouths in his mouth … WHAT DO YOU SEE? The silhouette stood, hands clasped like a monk, legs bent like a beast. TELL ME … Whole worlds wailed in terror. The Warrior-Prophet awoke, his skin tingling against a dead woman’s cheek … More convulsions. Father! What happens to me? Pang upon pang, wresting away his face, beating it into a stranger’s. You weep.

Okay, first off, as I said whoever it is has avoided damnation and trying to steer Kellhus in a certain direction. One clue here that leads me to Kellhus, is the legs of a beast. Has the Meat consumed made him part beast and that transformation shows in the Outside? Also, Locke brought this to my attention, but the tree could be a entity also. Locke suggested Koringhus, which is a viable option if we take into consideration how he died. Basically, to make a long story short, to be one with nature. Two more options exist in my mind. Onkis, who is shown to be part woman, part tree. Also, Kellhus is seated in front of the tree, can anyone say a head on a pole behind you? The other option, The God. And this could connect to all the tree imagery that has been brought up throughout the entirety of the series.  Just some quick thoughts and I will find and add the other visions of the same style thats throughout the books. Others feel free to add them if you have them highlighted in your Kindle. And please, would love to hear others thoughts.

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