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General Earwa / Re: [TUC Spoilers] Nascenti of Zaudunyanicon
« on: January 13, 2018, 01:45:37 pm »
Quote from: Bakker ZDC Teaser
Arguably at the end of the books [so far], Serwa is the only character with autonomy ... any sort of meaningful autonomy.

Really? Very interesting...

Literature / The Stone Dance of the Chameleon
« on: January 09, 2018, 04:24:32 pm »
Here's a reading suggestion for you all during this fine new year. :)

This series is a trilogy (consisting on: The Chosen, The Standing Dead and The Third God) written by a Portuguese author, Ricardo Pinto (though the original version is in English - apparently he has lived in the UK since a very young age).
It is set in a world ruled by the (appropriately-named) Masters, who oppress the remainder of humanity and live (mostly) in a citadel, Osrakum, isolated from the rest of the world, ruled by a God Emperor. One of the other ethnic groups of this world, the Plainsmen, must surrender a certain number of their children to become slaves of the Masters every year (this is enforced through an organized system). The Masters also wear masks and have a complicated set of rules that determines who can be masked in whose presence. (That's all I'm going to say on their society - I'd probably do a poor job of explaining it further and you should check it out by yourselves... ;) )
The protagonist is a teenage boy, Carnelian, who is the son and heir of an exiled Master. He has lived his whole life in an island far away from Osrakum (he was an infant at the time of the exile) and has developed a sense of compassion that other Masters lack due to it. The story starts when some of the other Masters unexpectedly leave Osrakum and arrive at the island intending to have Carnelian's father (and Carnelian himself) return with them, as the God Emperor is dying. They have revoked the father's exile so that he can act as He-who-goes-before (a regent of sorts) for the short time they have while the current emperor is still alive, and aid them in making sure the election of the next God Emperor goes their way.

This series has some wonderfully developed world building. The author's website is very much detailed on this matter and should absolutely be checked out (though maybe only after reading the whole series, as there are some spoilers on there).

Oh, and another thing I thought I should mention: this is a low fantasy series, but it includes dinosaurs (not sure how you might feel about that, maybe some of you would be put off by it). That might sound silly and in contrast with the rest of the world, but let me explain: in this world, you have dinosaurs as you might have regular animals in ours. (Honestly, I almost forgot the dinosaurs were there at one point, it's not like their existence is remarkable or anything.) Some are predators to be avoided, like for instance, wolves in our world; some are used as horses would be, etc. It's just part of the world for this story.

Basically: fairly dark story (though you all have read TSA, it's not like it would scare anyone off), low on the fantasy scale (dinosaurs or not...), fantastic worldbuilding. Why not give it a try and add it to your "to read in 2018" list?

General Misc. / Re: InspiroBot
« on: January 07, 2018, 12:45:36 pm »


It's the second time I post one with a picture of a kitten here. Wonder if it's going to become a trend.

General Earwa / Re: Birth and Death Years of Characters (for the wiki?)
« on: January 04, 2018, 11:47:32 pm »
Lots to look through.
At some point Achamian gives us his age, I think its in TDTCB when he's attempting to ambush the skin-spy in the alley, though I might be wrong. Though he said he was 46 or something close ... Maybe not though.

Really? I might have missed that age reference, will look it up when I can.

Looks like this has been a somewhat frustrating endeavor for you. :(

No, I think it's just coming across as me complaining too much when inconsistencies crop up because of my OCD tendencies. ;) It doesn't make me like looking into those things any less (speaking of which, I really should try and get the second part of this out when I have some time...).

I really liked this series of live-reading comments (wish I had thought to do the same, but I read way too quickly for that). I know I haven't commented on the other ones, but I just couldn't come up with anything good to add to the conversation.
Here are some comments for the final edition, though:

I guess Esmenet still loves Kelmomas, but that’s very understandable as she is like most mothers and they tend to love their children.

“Love no one but your children. On that front, a mother has no choice.” Cersei wasn’t off that on that.

Very much agree, this was probably one of the things that made Esmenet remain a sympathetic character for me. Yes, I completely understand where you and other fans are coming from with your complaints (no idea why she might be saved, for instance...). She did go through some terrible times with losing not one, not two but three of her children in quick succession over the course of TAE. And finding out one of her other children was responsible (or partially responsible at least, in some cases) had to have been a very hard thing to come to terms with. Can't definitely fault her for still loving Kelmomas despite everything.

Insanity is Holy, being scranc is human. Can’t eat Sranc? Eat HUMANS as horses taste like shit. Eat radioactive HUMANS! Yea, you won’t get contaminated. Surrrrre.

That would be something to be worried about in normal circumstances, but sadly, it was not like Proyas would ever live long enough to be affected by eating a man dying from radiation sickness. The same probably goes for everyone else who ate the Scalded, it's very likely all ended up being killed by the No-God before they had any chance to start feeling the effects of radiation poisoning.

1. I spent way too much time harping on one of Proyas’s flashbacks. Honestly, I can see why his father loved him from afar as Proyas the Judge can be VERY difficult to deal with. However, I do understand Proyas’s outrage at the execution of the sons from a rival house. I think most people would be pretty outraged. The problem is that Proyas came to the WRONG conclusion, imo. The problem is that there were too many unknowns. How old were those sons? Were they old enough to even understand what is going on? What were they like? Patterns of behavior? ALL of this can matter a great deal. It helps to have information to determine what the best course of action is.

“What has come before” has shown that there have been instances where mercy didn’t result in anything terrible, even if the person treated with mercy didn’t deserve it. There have been times when mercy has bitten people in the ass. Same with being ruthless. Sometimes, it DOES yield the best results, but it can also make things worse.

Claiming that sparing the sons would have led to revolt/vengeance is an UNKNOWN. People do tend to fear the unknown so it looks like Proyas’s father was playing it safe, which is VERY understandable. The problem is, you don’t need the sons for revolt. I don’t think that happened in Conriya though and even if it did, it might have been unrelated. We simply don’t know what the rival family was like in general.

The thing is, in this kind of world and the kind of society they lived in, wiping out the rival line was the best course of action for Proyas' father. Ruthless and overly cruel? Sure. But there would always be that chance of those sons avenging their father (or growing up to do so if they were too young at the time). Proyas' father had to consider that his own line would never be safe while members of the other family remained.

The Unholy Consult. Tapping out. I’m done. One of the few books that has broken me. Probably the only one I STOPPED reading out of anger. In the other cases, it’s because I was bored/uninterested. I do encourage others to keep going and read the other books, but I decided to peek ahead and went right in to spoiler territory and decided “NOPE.” So, here are my final comments. I don’t think anyone will be able to convince me to continue, but good luck trying. @missbeckywrites “wins” this one as she was able to finish, but I am certain that I am done.

I'm sorry this was how TSA ultimately ended for you, but yes, better to stop reading a series that you cannot enjoy anymore than to keep reading and hating it. I'm glad you're still active in the community, though! :)

Well, turns out that you need an Anasurimbor to become/activate the No God. I rolled my eyes so damned much, they turned into slot machines. But, I will admit that it DID answer my question about Nay-Cayuti and what he was doing with the Consult.

I'm still stubbornly keeping to the idea that we don't know with absolute certainty that an Anasûrimbor is needed to activate the No-God. Sure, Wilshire made a good point in the Quorum that they inserted thousands of other people over the centuries, none of which worked and none of which were Anasûrimbor (as far as we know, at least...). I keep wondering if there may be another factor (or more than one) that we're not seeing/don't know about yet.
Nau-Cayûti was not abducted by the Consult in order to be placed in the Carapace, though. They wanted to question him about the Heron Spear and where Seswatha had hidden it (it's stated outright in one of those dreams Achamian has in TAE, can't remember in which book, though). Since that went nowhere, after torturing him for an unknown amount of time, they just decided to put him into the Carapace as they were already doing with other prisoners. Luckily for them, it worked.

2. Cnaiur is pretty much nothing to me now. At least in the first trilogy, he had some redeeming qualities/humanity, but now it looks like he’s a complete monster. Much as I am fascinated by insanity, he is just too much now. Still, him facing the No-God was pretty damned awesome, but he no longer matters to me. The Ordeal being wiped out? Good! Fuck them too. Fuck them all!
6. Cnauir started getting old when he’s reduced to someone who is nothing but an insane person who does insane things because he is insane. Yes, he’s the most VIOLENT OF MEN. We get it, but at least he had redeeming qualities in the PON. Here? Nah. Go away. I do find it sad that he goes from “No harm must come to Proyas” changes to “BURN HIM! RAWR!” Then again, a lot can happen in 20 years, including the Scylvendi suffering greatly at the hands of the New Empire. I wonder what happened to the Scylvendi scion. Tinnurit? Was he a son a Cnaiur? Would explain quite a bit if he was.

I agree with you on Cnaiür - he was a morally very dark grey character in PON, but there were redeeming characteristics there, at least. Now there's nothing left but his all-consuming hatred. I also liked seeing his confrontation with the No-God, but aside from that, it's not like I was particularly overjoyed by his return after seeing how he had changed.
If I remember correctly, Tinnurit was from the Akkunihor tribe, not the Utemot - so likely not a relation of Cnaiür's, but could possibly be Xunnurit's son (or grandson). They even have similar names, which shows up often with family members in this series (Harweel and Sorweel, for instance).

3. So, Kellhus is defeated in the cheapest way possible. Kelmomas shows up because Esmenet enables him to escape and this distracts Kellhus in the Golden Room. Because of this, a skin spy uses a Chorae to turn him into pillar of salt. Wonderful. Some say that he is indeed dead and others think that he’s around in spirit or something. Kellhus was also apparently possessed/working with Ajokli. Welp, that would certainly explain a lot. But, have a FUCK YOU anyway and good riddance. I hope Proyas roasts your ass on a spit in hell.

I would argue that this was not the cheapest way possible for Kellhus to be defeated (but we're all entitled to our own opinions, of course). According to Bakker, Kellhus was not aware Ajokli was taking over. He kept ignoring that increasingly growing darkness/misinterpreting it as something else (feelings for Esmenet...). Ultimately, he thought himself infallible and did not take everything/everyone into account when coming up with his plans as he should have. I think that much like Moënghus the Elder and the original Consult, that was the cause of his downfall.
Good riddance indeed!

6. Serwa fought quite well. Proved to be awesome in fighting the dragon, but it’s uncertain if she survives or not. I don’t care either way.

As I've said before in this forum, I really grew to like the character of Serwa in this last book. She was pretty amazing, and while I think her injuries were too severe for even a half-Dûnyain to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, I still hope she will be around in the next series.

Kayutas can go rot and I hope he ended up with a terrible a fate as Proyas. He did the same things Proyas did. He knew that it was planned, he was involved and yet, he seems to skate and end up as Exalt-General. Fuck that.

Agree 100%, I always found him boring and he did benefit quite a lot from setting up Proyas as the scapegoat. Seriously, fuck that guy.

7. I was ready to accept that Proyas would most likely die. I somehow knew it, but I honestly expected it to happen at the very end and NOT LIKE THAT. He was broken emotionally and raped by Kellhus, set up to make some depraved decisions, and then he is scapegoated as a “betrayer”. He is eventually strangled to death by Moenghus because the alternative was to be burnt alive in the Umbilicous. Such BULLSHIT. Unnecessary, unbelievable bullshit! He was WAY too good a character to simply throw away like that. I know all about “bla bla realism, life’s not fair, grimdark, shit happens, subversions, inversions, aversions horeshit”, but the problem is that such things aren’t always a good idea. Different doesn’t mean better. Gritty realism doesn’t always make for GOOD TV, let alone literature.

I did like Proyas, while not to the extent that you did, and so felt very angry/frustrated at his fate. Not enough to stop reading by any means, but it was still sad to see him go.
It was still better for Moënghus to have mercy killed him than to have him burn to death. And it's not like he would have survived those injuries anyway. Kellhus strung him up in such a way as to have him survive longer, I believe, not really minimize the damage done but to prolong his suffering.

1. I wonder what happens to someone inserted into the No God. I’m assuming that they become vegetative as they are basically a human battery for the sarcophagus. Maybe it’s like the Matrix? I doubt it. I think Kelmomas as we know him(the one who was so fun at first, but got boring) is dead. Good riddance, kiddo. The No God is so much more interesting anyway.

That's an interesting possibility. I always thought it was something like the person being still conscious and in total sensory deprivation, which resulted in the "WHAT DO YOU SEE?" and "WHAT AM I?" questions.
Kelmomas as we knew him is probably gone, yes. Now let's just hope that the No-God lives up to the expectations.

2. I wonder what the living twin’s name will be? Whatever he is, he will clearly be the result of TWO “few” people(one a magic user and the other the keeper of the Judging Eye), the crackie of Cleric and Cujara'Cinmoi, Esmenet and whoever Mimara’s actual father is(I don’t actually believe it’s Achamian). It’s easy to assume that it’ll be a new character. But, there’s a chance that it might not be.

Some say that it might be Kellhus and that was shot down by Bakker himself. Then again, who knows with him? But, a “baby Kellhus” would be a bit infuriating. He’s “dead, but not done”, but I doubt that it means that he will be around in body in The No God. Unless, there’s another Kellhus somewhere. He might be an “Ascendant” like in Malazan, but this isn’t Malazan. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he was and ended up among the 100 or a Demon/Angelic Lord of some sort. But, the Kellhus we know and have grown to hate iZ DED. No baby Kellhus.

Anyway, I have imagined the twins being named “Proyas and Inrau.” Awww…you know, after Achamian’s two students, but thanks to the NO GOD and the Judging Eye, one babby was born dead. I do suspect that the living baby may be a rebirth of SOMEONE as I do think that reincarnation/rebirth do exist. Who? Honestly, it could be anyone.
So, what if…the baby is PROYAS reborn? Because I am almost positive that Proyas dies(sad trombone) before that baby was born. Maybe someone plucked him out of damnation just in time and shoved him into the baby. Oh man…please let this be true. It would be the only arguement that could convince me to resume the Unholy Consult. That, and if Damnation proved to be a giant Gwar concert. ;)

I think it’d be great and hilarious(in a good way) because he goes from being a Conriyan King born of Royalty as a Nersei to someone who is now the SON of Achamian rather than an old surrogate son/former student. He would also be the son of the one who bears the Judging Eye(you know JUDGE PROYAS would love to have that), the grandson of the woman who bore Mimara along with the one who would become the No God, and stepgrandson of none other than Anasurimbor Kellhus.

And then, he gets to bear witness to EVERY THING again AS A BABY. So, whatever happens during the course of the new trilogy, he’s basically a Malowebi, except that he will be growing and would possibly have sorcery. But, he will spend much of his time generally being powerless, I’m sure. :( Like, if things do happen to his family thanks to the failure of the Ordeal, he wouldn’t be able to stop it.

Proyas the sorcerer. I’ve talked about this before, but I always thought it would be ironic if he WAS among the few? Now? He can’t use “BLEAAGH BLASPHEMY” to get out of it. Not with Achamian as his actual father. Not with how every thing has changed. Not with the No God and the scranc horde swirling around. Only thing is, I can’t see Proyas really being compatible with the Gnosis. The Gnosis is supposed to be for less emotional people. People like Achamian at the most emotional. So, what magic would fit him? Anagogic? Nah. Daimos? LOL NO. Quya? That’s for Nonmen. But, Cisharum. You know, the snek people. YES! Magic that is based on PASSION, something Proyas always had a ton of. Dragons are related to snakes. :) I think it would be PERFECT for him.

You know, after reading TUC I wondered if Achamian would name his son Proyas. Proyas named his after Xinemus, it would be very fitting. I always thought of the other twin as being a girl, but their gender is never actually mentioned so it's mostly a headcanon thing on my part.
As much as I consider the Baby Kellhus theory amusing, I don't think it will be an actual thing. Baby Proyas, now that would be a more interesting idea. Not going to lie, I'd actually like to see that happen in the story.
Though, if the No-God is going to start weeks after TUC ended, it'd not be likely that we'd get to experience that in any meaningful way, as the baby would probably stay a baby for the whole series...

3. I have failed to mention poor Sorweel. It’s made clear that Zsoronga and Serwa were his “last straws”. I do think Zsoronga’s death was bullshit as he had no way of knowing what his father had done, but at least his served a clear purpose: it got Sorweel off his ass to become the White Luck Warrior. Too bad he was killed by Kelmomas! BOO!! HISS! But, that chorae? Was that the one that killed Kellhus or cost Serwa her arm? At least Sorweel was saved by Yatwer, but he still got shafted BIG TIME.

I’d also like to point out that if SORWEEL was able to figure out that Proyas got scapegoated, then I’m pretty sure that people like Achamian, Esmenet and Mimara can figure it out too. No way they’ll believe that Proyas was ever a Consult anything. Given what happened, he might as well have joined the Consult. >:(

Poor Sorweel indeed, though his death is easy to forget among everything else that goes on. :( Hopefully his afterlife will not be too bad (opinions differ on what Yatwer's corner of the Outside may be like).
I think his Chorae was the same one that was used against Serwa because of the way it seems to appear from nowhere. The one that killed Kellhus was probably just a regular one.
I don't think Achamian, Esmenet and Mimara are going to be fooled by the "Proyas was a Consult agent" excuse either. That might not come up unless they decide to join forces with Proyas' family, though, as they do have more pressing concerns at this point.

2. I think Miramis, the wife of Proyas, is going to be more prominent. I don’t know what she’s like, but if she’s anything like Uncle Saubon, then I think that she will be a problem. However, she will be a problem that NO ONE will see coming. Esmenet considers her an ally, but who knows now? There is no way in hell Miramis will believe that Proyas was a Consult traitor and whatever happens, I think she will put up a big fight that will prove crippling for those fighting the No-God. She might even end up on the side of the Consult. Proyas wouldn’t have wanted it that way, but he’s dead, so it might not matter to her. She would also be unlike powerless Naree in that Esmenet will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to kill her if any treachery is involved. Even if Miramis is defeated, it will be a phyricc victory. Maybe a Mimara vs. Miramis swordfight? OHHH!! I’d like to see that.

Like I said though, I don’t know what she’s like. Maybe she only acted like she loved Proyas for whatever reason and is relieved that he’s gone. Maybe she’ll be broken and resigned with no choice but to go with whatever others want. She could just as easily be an ally to Esmenet/Akka/Mimara as an enemy.

As for the children, Thalia could be a parallel to Ieva, wife of Nay-Cayuti. Thalia ends up forced to marry Kayutas, who would now be the Aspect Emperor unless Esmenet tells him to get bent. Either way, they marry and don’t like each other very much. I think the difference is that Thalia will fail in the objective to bringing another No-God to the Consult. Nay-Cayuti wasn’t Dunyain, Kayutas is, so he will be able to detect any animosity pretty easily.

Xinemus? I have no idea. At best, he’s among the heroes doing heroic things and lives happily ever after as Crown Prince or King. At worst, he pays the price for Proyas even though he might not have many memories of his father. Same goes for Thalia. Maybe Akka can help here.

There’s just too many unknowns with Proyas’s family. It’s possible that nothing will happen to them, but will also never be all that prominent in the story. Yea, right.

I wonder about Proyas' family too, it's almost impossible to try to figure out what they might be like given the little information we have. I think we might see them if Achamian, Esmenet and Mimara try to get the survivors to band together. Esmenet does appear to have a good relationship with Miramis, after all.
Since Proyas did not seem to be around much and barely knew his children, I doubt there will be any attempt to avenge him (at least on the children's parts) unless it's coming from a place of generalized family loyalty rather than personal feelings. But who can know either way.
I liked the idea of the possible Iëva/Thaila parallel (I have quite a few Iëva feelings) but she's way too young for that (going by the dates of birth given in the glossary, Xinemus and Thaila are only 11 and 9 respectively). And we don't seem to be getting a significant time skip, so that's probably not going to happen. (As an aside, it's a bit odd that it took so long for Proyas and Miramis to have children since he was probably in his mid-to-late 40s by TUC - he was said to be close to Conphas' age in PON - and Miramis is 42 going by the glossary. You'd think that as a king, he'd need some heirs as soon as possible.)

General Earwa / Re: TSA related art and stuff. (VI)
« on: December 09, 2017, 03:31:00 pm »
Proyas for Dee

That's a great take on Proyas, Quinthane! (I don't think I had seen a depiction of him before, even...)

I really liked going through your DA gallery and seeing the most recent TSA fanart, too. (Hadn't checked it out since late August.)

Could I request more Serwa, and maybe Moënghus the Younger as well? Might be wrong, but you haven't drawn him yet, right?

The Unholy Consult / Re: The line of Nejata
« on: December 05, 2017, 05:31:54 pm »
Likely an inconsistency.

You might make the argument that its possible the house maintained loyalty with some other major houses and had a few sons/bastards holding onto the name for centuries... Though how they'd be able to definitively say they found them all and finally purged them, I'm not sure. Could have been a long investigation though once they found the hidden house, and it seems within reason that there would have been lineage records - ancestry scrolls - held wherever their last vestige was. From the scrolls maybe they were able to hunt them to a man.

Possible, albeit unlikely.

That was what I was thinking, it would be the only way some members of the Nejata family could still be around by Proyas' day. But the House Nersei entries do make it seem like the family had to be completely wiped out for the Nersei to be able to take the throne of Conriya.
Again, like you said, not impossible that one or more bastards, distant cousins, etc. could survive (just look at the case of the Anasûrimbor bastard and his line, thought to be extinct for millennia). I don't think it's particularly likely either, but who knows.

Writing / Re: The Lost Zorro Transcriptions
« on: December 05, 2017, 05:24:44 pm »
Very funny so far, BFK. :D Looking forward to more!

The Unholy Consult / The line of Nejata
« on: December 05, 2017, 02:14:41 pm »
I think I found an inconsistency, don't think this has been mentioned before.

In chapter 8 of TUC, Proyas thinks back on the murder of the line of Nejata:

"Where, Father?" he had asked after hearing the last of House Nersei’s ancestral rivals, the Nejati, had been executed. "Where lies the honour in murdering children?"

If his father had spared the sons of Nejata, what then? Vengeance would have been their inheritance, discord and rebellion the consequence.

But, according to the TTT glossary:

Nersei, House—The ruling House of Conriya since the Aöknyssian Uprisings of 3942, which saw the entire line of King Nejata Medekki murdered. The Black Eagle on White is their device.

In the TUC glossary the date of the Uprisings is changed to 3742, but the rest of the entry is identical.
Anyway, the fact remains that Proyas could not have been alive at the time the line of Nejata was extinguished. One could argue there could have been descendants of Nejata alive in Proyas' lifetime, but it seems very unlikely from the wording in the House Nersei entry.

General Misc. / Re: InspiroBot
« on: November 30, 2017, 12:37:47 pm »
Told ya'all you're bitches! But I believe you're real, but cannot prove you are.

Or are we perhaps witches? ;) Who can know...
Pretty sure I'm real, though.

I guess so...

The Unholy Consult / Re: Unnecessary Capitalisation
« on: November 27, 2017, 05:52:41 pm »
But, as always, different people fixate on different things. Some of the timeline discrepancies, dates, name spelling changes, the list is certainly a long one.

I wonder who those are... ;)

Anyway, I did notice the frequent capitalizations, but they didn't really bother me much. I figured Bakker was just using that to make everything seem more epic and grandiose.
The italics did annoy me a little, but not that much that it stopped me from enjoying TUC overall. And like Wilshire said, they do play an important role at some points (but yes, there are probably some parts of the text where they could be dispensed with).

General Misc. / Re: What's your favorite kind of pie?
« on: November 26, 2017, 04:03:48 pm »
Steak pie - and all kinds of meat pies - have long been things.

On topic, my favorite pie is and always (probably) will be lemon meringue.

Mine too. :)

ThoughtsOfThelli ... maybe add a list of Earwa delicacies to your mission.[/color]

I have the feeling that the TSA equivalent of the Inn at the Crossroads would be fairly disturbing... ;)
Though Bakker doesn't seem to be fond of food descriptions the way George R. R. Martin is in his writing. Deranged Sranc-fueled cannibalism being the exception.

General Earwa / Re: Birth and Death Years of Characters (for the wiki?)
« on: November 26, 2017, 02:40:37 pm »
Not yet Part II, just found something else.

In chapter 12 of TWP, we get the flashback about Achamian's cellmate/lover, Sancla. The thing is, Sancla is referred to as being older than Achamian and we have his birth year given as 4064 in the TTT glossary.
That means Achamian couldn't have been born in 4062 or 4063 as I had previously estimated, but only in 4065 at the earliest. Which does not add up if you go by Serwë's age referenced in the text. It doesn't match the Cnaiür inconsistency either, as it would make Cnaiür older than Achamian, which we know is not the case. *sigh*

So now we have several possibilities:
-Going by the "sixteen summers" reference in Cnaiür's POV, we would have Achamian born in 4059, Cnaiür born in 4062, Kellhus born in 4073, Esmenet born in 4075 and Serwë born in 4087 (which completely contradicts the ages given in the TDTCB and TWP appendices for the time frame of the books)
-Going by the "twenty summers" reference in Serwë's POV we would have Achamian born in 4062 or 4063, Cnaiür born in 4065 or 4066, Kellhus born in 4076 or 4077, Esmenet born in 4078 or 4079 and Serwë born in 4090 or 4091 (which at least can work with the ages given)
-Going by Sancla's age and assuming Achamian was born in 4065, we would have Cnaiür born in 4068, Kellhus born in 4079, Esmenet born in 4081 and Serwë born in 4093 (which also makes no sense with the ages from the appendices)

I think, then, that the second, Serwë-based estimation would still be the best one, even if contradicts other parts of the text.

General Misc. / Re: InspiroBot
« on: November 26, 2017, 01:22:40 pm »
I think it's saying to take the new in before dulling it with understanding ... or it's bullshit.

Might be, but that would be a bit too profound for InspiroBot, and/or it's not worded that well if that's the intended meaning.
Or yes, it's bullshit. ;)

General Misc. / Re: Back from my unintended hiatus
« on: November 24, 2017, 07:58:08 pm »
Oh that sounds cool.

Thanks. :)

Well, our kids have some combination of those two things, so, we might be interested around here,  8)

Well, I'm not an expert on these conditions by any means, I'm afraid. I only know what I had to investigate for my thesis and have no actual medical knowledge (only biochemistry/pharmacy).
It's good that they already have a diagnosis (suspicion of diagnosis?) at a young age, though, it will be much better for them in the long term. :)

+1 for Celiac ( clarity: I'm a sufferer of it, not in favor )

After reading a fair amount of scientific articles when working on my thesis, I can properly begin to imagine how much that must suck. But like I said in the Quorum, it really would have been worse a few years back, things do seem to have improved in regards to diagnosis/treatment in the last decade.

I don't remember ( trying to block it ), you said you liked the witches and I called them bitches - anyways, was meant to make you/all laugh, but was a dud so I retract said statement. The timing was funny in that I posted it right before I read about Madness dropping the hammer on us offenders ( I'm guessing the order of posts made it seem I was posting as an affront to Madness, but I wasn't - just a really bad coincidence ). In reality, I liked the witches as well ( wish I were one ).

Wow, I don't even remember ever posting about the witches. My memory must be terrible nowadays. Anyway, I don't think that particular comment would be enough to send me running off either, no worries there. ;)
I do wish that some of the witches' characters could have been more developed, we had a chance there to see friendships between female characters (a rarity for this series) and it never went anywhere. We didn't even know the name of any of the witches bar Serwa before TGO!

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