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Scratch that, going back to Coldfire Trilogy.

General Earwa / Re: TSA related art and stuff. (VI)
« on: December 10, 2017, 12:09:12 am »
Quote from:  Dora Vee
Griffith not good enough for you? :p

Nat at all. I know your love for Proyas and was trying to be nice is all.

General Earwa / Re: TSA related art and stuff. (VI)
« on: December 09, 2017, 10:42:31 pm »
Quote from:  Dora Vee

Now click on that, save it, and use as your avatar here. I personally requested Q too post that for you!


Literature / Re: Yearly Targets (2017) - Totals and Specifics
« on: December 09, 2017, 11:48:19 am »
Finished The Fall of Dragons (35). Great series. I have to put this up in my top ten, maybe top5 series ever. Its that good.

Digging back into The Gap Cycle.

Quote from:  TaoHorror
Now after reading through all of this, I see hints/evidence from Baker, et al that either could be possible. Even the original insertant reference could be stretched to still refer to someone from Earwa before NC ...

Not buying that.

by all appearances, to me, it seems TNG was used throughout the galaxy, it broke on its way into Earwa with the "original insertant" no longer living, they repair TNG and then find a lucky candidate to power/use it.

Imho, this is what most assuredly happened. Aurax and Aurang are the sole survivors of a technology advanced race. They weren't in charge of the Tekne or the NG. They didn't even understand it. Thats why it took so long to ressurect and needed the aide of Shae. Its also why I took Bakker's answer to mean they "found" a way to accomplish at least part of the NG's function. As I said, I don't see what else you can take away from that Q&A.

General Earwa / Re: TSACast (SA Podcast)
« on: December 08, 2017, 06:39:36 pm »
Hit me up Boss. Bit, if'n we can get some new faces, of take a back seat a listen and blab on for maybe a few minutes.


I don't how you Can't get that from his answers and the question. My perspective, I mean. I can't see it any other way, that's just me though.

Lol. I don't think he's a dick. I just think if he doesn't have something fleshed out, he'll toss you scraps and expect you to be satisfied.  When its all too fucking complicated, to make sense to my tiny brain.

The haloes. You know where I think he ducked up and can't reckon an answer? The skin-spy. How can the skin-spy recreate it? Then someone as holy as Mimara having haloes, but different color? I think any answer he gives will breakdown because an unsouled being had the effect. Just my opinion.

No, I'm not conflating two seperate events. What I took from his answer was that the Inchies found out something they could use, in part, with the No-God. Two separate events, sure. But, his answer makes it seem if they found a way to accomplish the no babies part, that's the implication I got from the question and the answer. 

By the way, I don't mean to insult Bakker's intelligence, I think that's unquestioned. Its just I don't think he ever expected this level of scrutiny. He has ALOT of cool ideas, that never get fleshed out. "No questions about haloes!", to me, is a misdirection on his part. He ain't answering it until he has the proper answer.

I'm sorry to put it this way. But, I've been around a lot of very intelligent human beings and when they underestimate you, they think they can Bullshit you. That's my vibe. I think everything from the metaphysical to the physical is intentionally vague and contradictory that he thought we'd be confounded and overlook, or forget. Thats the only way I can reckon most of his answers to questions, against the text. Then some make sense. Which confuses the fuck all outta me. So, I know the man is unquestionably intelligent.

I actually have no dann clue. I'm actually with Moosehunter. Because, Bakker's answer suggests that from the Inoculation, the Consult found a "dread weapon for at least part of the No Gods function.". I can't reckon the the text with that answer. I'm with you, the text seems to suggest metaphysical, Bakker's answer though physical. To me, they don't align and its why I take every answer from Bakker with a grain of salt. Cool answer to a question, doesn't back itself up in the text and we get a lot of those. :shrugs:

I've been trying to parse between the two for a long time now. And, again, I think Bakker is more Ajokli than Kellhus...

Quote from:  Wilshire
I believe the train of thought is this:

Gods make Meaning, Meaning makes Sorcery. No Gods, no Meaning, no Magic.
In the same vein, The Outside makes Souls, Souls inhabit Bodies. No Outside, no souls.

I'm not sure that makes sense either - but that seems to be what people are saying, maybe.

I won't argue you're line of thinking, it makes sense and seems obviously....correct. But, while the Womb Plague is happening, the Outside has never been shut. Not now, not during the First Apocalypse.

I think Bakker's answer about when the Inchies inoculated the Nonmen and "found" that the side effect killed women, "the found a crude tool for at least part of the No-Gods function.'. Its why I can't reckon that last part of the statement. No Outside, no souls. Because, the Outside isn't shut. Its something else. What? I've no clue, but it goes directly in with TNG and is, imho, a bio-weapon of some sort.

The Forum of Interesting Things / Re: Cartography
« on: December 02, 2017, 07:45:35 pm »
Very interesting Madness.

Here's a theory since I was around 18. Pulling out oil from the world is very very bad. Here is my hypothesis. Oil, acts as insulator to earth, keeping it cool. Just like radiator fluid keeps a car cool. I don't think it's the emissions that is the cause for global warming, but the extraction of crude oi and the like. I'm no scientist (we all know, just a simple mountain boy), but that is my theory. Crude oil and all other minerals and gases we pull from the 🌎 is effectively taking the radiator fluid out of this car we call the world. Eh, far-fetched? Maybe, but it makes sense to me.

Literature / Re: Yearly Targets (2017) - Totals and Specifics
« on: December 02, 2017, 06:02:03 pm »
BFK, you'll finish TSC, way before Malazan. I love Malazan, TSC is right up there with TSA.

Literature / Re: Yearly Targets (2017) - Totals and Specifics
« on: December 02, 2017, 05:13:31 am »
Oh, and id live to discuss these books, as there is a ton to discuss. I wish one of my great friends here at TSA might have read it and let me know. Or, really, I will guarantee that if you start, you won't put it down. And, then we could discuss. So much to unpack, in the same way as TSA is. Though, I will say, where in TSA you are left to find answers for yourself, for the most part, there are as many HUGE reveals as mysteries that are left unexplained. I could talk about these books for hours. Just like our beloved TSA. So, please, MSJ needs a Traitor Son buddy. All are welcome. The 1st book is 2.99 on Amazon Kindle. Not a huge investment to see wether its your taste, or not.

The Unholy Consult / Re: Rereading The Unholy Consult
« on: December 01, 2017, 12:50:54 am »
Quote from:  Ciogli
Pwerhaps the chorae was not special so much as it signalled her revelation and it was she foresweared sorcery, she could do this to any chorae.


My exact feelings. There was nothing special about the chorale, Mimara is/who is special. It could've been any chorale.

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