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Only peripherally related but for BFK, based on a conversation he and Wilshire were having in Quorum:

Liu Cixin’s next U.S. release is Ball Lightning, a Tesla-evoking cautionary novel of what happens when the beauty of scientific inquiry runs up against a push to harness new discoveries with no consideration of their possible consequences.
Very cool, Madness! August 2018 release date, so a bit of a wait.

I am very curious as to what President Obama thinks about dark-forest strategy, if he got that far in the trilogy. It's the polar opposite of the optimistic view familiar from Star Trek. Hide well, cleanse well......

General Misc. / Re: What's your favorite kind of pie?
« on: November 27, 2017, 07:08:58 pm »
Dude, BFK, just make your own whipped cream - its like 2 ingredients, sugar and heavy whipping cream. Tastes way better too.

Wilshire "duded" me.....and justifiably so. In my defense, my mom was the hostess, and I'm not going to "high-hat" her at Thanksgiving. Point taken, of course.

General Misc. / Re: What's your favorite kind of pie?
« on: November 26, 2017, 02:31:58 pm »
Any cool pies consumed over Thanksgiving?
Pumpkin. Just a slice. With whipped cream (....ok, "Reddi-Whip").

I'm not sure what everyone means by "status quo" and "normal".

As in, pretty much every thing that goes on in Earwa during the PON and Aspect Emperor. Basically, the way things have been for quite some time. Then, there's the Damnation. I mean, it's one thing if it's like the prison system where some people will get a certain amount of time depending on the crime, but it's another for it to be eternal.

IMO, if the No-God is defeated, it'll just be more of the same things. Slavery, your life basically being robbed of you for being born in the wrong "caste", being severely punished for stupid, petty things, most people being damned anyway, etc. Really, most people born in that area are damned in life. :(

As for the No God, it's possible that it's very existence is what shields people from damnation, not killing a bunch of people. Maybe that's where the Inchoroi went wrong. They didn't need to kill/womb plague, they simply needed the No God to be around. Whatever the case, the No God/Consult will cause a lot of social upheaval.

That said, I'm hoping that the surviving Eärwans find a way to knock the No-God offline AND reject the temptation of Logos/Tekne.

I'm sure some will, but I suspect that most won't. Especially if they think that the Consult=better lives for them.
You're making the mistake of reading our 21st century morality concerning slavery onto a world with a different morality entirely. You're making a judgement on Eärwan society based on our morality.

Furthermore, I'm pretty sure the point of System Resumption is to kill a lot of people. That will indeed cause social upheaval. You're making it sound like the Consult will be issuing an Emancipation Proclamation and Medicare For All.

Oh yea, I wouldn't blame you. The status quo on Earwa blew chunks.
It's not even that the status quo sucks by itself, it's that it would go against everything he's said about all that "crash-space" shit. The story leads up to this impending transformation of the world and then in what is effectively the epilogue of the series everything just goes back to normal? That would be some sick literary cuckoldry/blue-balling/trolling.

If that happens and everything just falls back to status quo I'm never going to read a single word of Bakker again.
My imagination isn't as good as Scott's. If his bibliography is any guide, it's going to be worse than what I described. Less satisfying. Read disciple of the dog or neuropath if you don't believe me.

The happiest outcome I can picture at this point is achamian preventing someone else from defeating the no god. But I doubt it will be that happy.
I've read the dog book and I didn't find the ending to be particularly bad, but then again that book wasn't set up to be what SA was set up to be. What you described was many times worse!
I'm not sure what everyone means by "status quo" and "normal". Post-Arkfall, nothing in Eärwa is "normal". It's analogous to the Western discovery of the Americas. The Tekne is alien to Eärwa.

That said, I'm hoping that the surviving Eärwans find a way to knock the No-God offline AND reject the temptation of Logos/Tekne. That's far from a return to an unavailable status quo.

The Forum of Interesting Things / Re: Eclectic Collection of Instruments
« on: November 13, 2017, 07:43:47 pm »
Harry Potter's Theme Song Played on Glass Harp - I think they mean wine glasses. Still, very cool. I had a friend who used to practice this.
Also known as a glass harmonica, hence glass harp.

"East Coast Racer" by Big Big Train, from their outstanding double CD, "English Electric"

Isn't the premise in that series something like "guys our own solar system sucks so we invade yours, gl hf phaggots lol we also hijacked your technological development" ? Is it worth reading?
It's worth reading, yes:

1) For the wild speculative physics.
2) For the "dark-forest strategy" of multiple interstellar civilizations.
3) There are also some great characters. 
"Da Shi", a Chinese detective, is awesome.

Oooh this is awesome. Three-Body Problem rivals Blindsight as one of my favorite SF novels ever and also one of the most enlightening/frightening explorations of how alien contact could go south in ways totally unexpected and unrelated to "aliens are bad and just wanna kill everybody". In fact Three-Body Problem maybe even more-so than Blindsight, as the issues potentially stemming from relativity are ones that are basically inevitable if mankind is ever to colonize interstellar space. Don't even need the aliens for shit to get real hairy right off the bat.

Hey, FB, how's it going? Have you read the entire Three Body trilogy?

Morality has nothing to do with it, and America has its own history of genocide and mass slaughter.
If "morality has nothing to do with it", then why bring up America's moral failings?

You're being kind there, Beard - more like America's criminal history. And I love America, some great things about living here, but our violent/criminal history is awful

As is every nation's. I don't think America's history is uniquely evil. It was settled by colonists, who conflicted with the natives, who undoubtedly conflicted with those on the scene before them.

Mao's revolution, on the other hand, was "more", as Kellhus might have said.

To repeat, Liu's theory of "dark-forest strategy" puts an extremely interesting spin on first-contact issues.

Morality has nothing to do with it, and America has its own history of genocide and mass slaughter.
If "morality has nothing to do with it", then why bring up America's moral failings?


No matter how biased and hyperbolic that essay is, the basic reality its referring to is legit.

Glad you recognize the bias and hyperbole. The author credits Mao, btw, for laying the "bedrock" for this wondrous society.

It's all about breaking eggs and making omelettes.

Liu's "dark-forest" strategy for optimizing civilizational survival is beyond interesting. "Hide well, cleanse well." It's the opposite of shouting "Hey, we're here!" to the universe.

Fainting In Coils, by Bill Bruford.
-circa 1977, THE jazz-rock fusion group of its day.

The Unholy Consult / Re: Who actually liked TUC?
« on: November 09, 2017, 09:26:33 pm »
The more I think about it, the angrier I become.

That was me, two months ago. My copy of TUC has rested, untouched, on my bookshelf, since it was put there at the end of July.

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