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Introduce Yourself / Re: Hey
« on: July 02, 2014, 11:27:32 pm »
geoint is short for geospatial intelligence.  And I understand.  I only have one child so far and that ones still in diapers, but my wife has had to listen to me ponder Bakkers work many times.  Her patience is inhuman sometimes lol. 

Literature / Re: Sci Fi series as good as The Second Apocalypse?
« on: July 02, 2014, 07:48:59 am »
Quote from: Ajokli
I have a love-hate relationship with Tales of the Malazan.

There are parts where I get sucked into it and others where it's a slog. I just couldn't muster up enough Will to read past Book 5

Thats where I lost interest as well

General Misc. / Re: Disseminating Bakker (II)
« on: July 02, 2014, 07:46:54 am »
Ive tried to tell my 'book lover' friends about Bakkers work but none have ever really been interested enough to care.  Most are just bandwagon idiot lemmings who jump from flavor of the week to flavor of the week.  I remember when the Hunger Games was getting big and they all thought it was such a deep philosophical book... no lol.  At least the current flavor is GRRM who actually writes a decent story (up until book 4 anyways). Still, it hasn't helped in my relentless proselytizing for Bakker, but Ill never give up!

It also doesn't help that most of them are early 20s young males in the army.  Young, dumb and full of cum... I cant speak for the last one but the first two are definitely spot on  ::)

Introduce Yourself / Hey
« on: July 02, 2014, 07:37:12 am »
Hey guys.  Long time Bakker fan here.  I was on one of the previous Prince of Nothing forums but I didnt visit very often (dont even remember which forum it was) but figured Id show my support and join the newest forum.  I just read the available part of Chapter 1 of TUC and wow.  Cant wait to buy it and read it over and over!

A little about myself.  Im 24, not sure how old most other Bakker fans are.  Im weeks away from finishing my contract in the US army and moving back to southern California.   Im a staunch libertarian (NOT A REPUBLICAN WARMONGER TYVM!) and am very active on two other online forums, and under the same username.  If all that doesn't ostracize me enough, I am actually very religious which I imagine makes me even more of a weirdo among Bakker fans lol.  Im also a happy husband and proud father. Oh yeah and I love love love love love the Second Apocalypse.  I consider it to be the most creative, unique and 'realistic' fantasy universe I have ever come across.  My first runner up, (Joe Abercrombie's work) is not even close, though still excellent in its own right. 

Edit:  I forgot to mention, I plan on studying healthcare administration now that I will have my GI Bill.  Just thought I'd share if there are any healthcare professionals here.  :)

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