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This topic getss brought up from time to time. There seems to be a couple of people around that enjoy this gamespace, though I haven't heard this specific one mentioned.

You might check out this subforum:
Friends! Shot in the dark, any board or RPG gamers here? Along the lines of D&D, board and miniature games is what I'm aiming for ( not video/computer - but feel free to jump in to talk up your favorite League of Legends Champion - mine is Kog Maw before they reworked and ruined him ).

I just discovered a board/miniature game that could well pander to our tastes: Kingdom Death: Monsters. It self proclaims to be "A cooperative nightmare horror game experience." The reviews seem to agree it's "masterful, but disturbing" but went sideways on the pinup line of miniatures ( but I like those too, and Beard would LOVE them, hee hee ). Anyways ... any of you cats hear of this thing? It's wicked expensive and wanted some friendlies to give me the skinny before I go down a rabbit hole of dough to find out it's bullshit or I can't find anyone to play it with. Apparently highly complex/high learning curve that well rewards the players' investment.

I was hunting for more cool miniatures for D&D and came across this stuff - these KD figures are the best I've ever seen. Google search on "kingdom death white knight heavy" and click on images and you'll see some wicked stuff ( Beard - you can search on kingdom death pinup images for the "good" stuff  :D ). Check out the knight with the massive morning star. The detail and creativity of this stuff amazes.

Anyways, any of you play this thing? Is it any good? Worth $1,000+ to get into it? Apparently the core game is out of print, but the dude who created it appears to be raking it in so I'm hoping new printings are released so I can get into it without encroaching on my retirement savings ...

Here's another nice podcast, #6, from "The PM Show" on XRAY-FM  (Portland, Oregon). Sorry that I can't post a link to it; I have tried....but I have found a few links to individual tracks (see below).

Anyway, it's a nice mix of old and new prog. It opens with a track from 2013, "Heartland", by Moon Safari. Imagine an a capella group like Straight No Chaser backed by a tight prog band. Syncopated melodies, virtuosic synth solos, plus high harmonies to die for. Highly recommended.

Two tracks feature the prolific Neal Morse. The first, "At The End Of The Day", comes from his tenure with Spock's Beard, and the second comes from his prog supergroup Transatlantic, which features Roine Stolt (Flower Kings) on guitar, the equally prolific Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) on drums, and Pete Trewavas (Marillion) on bass. Both groups are extremely able representatives of the modern prog style. I recently saw the Neal Morse Band live in STL, and they were outstanding. Another podcast (#54) features the NMB covering the Jimmy Webb classic "MacArthur Park". Yeah, the song about the cake left out in the rain.... done in the prog style. Very far out, man.

Other new prog artists on this 'cast include Steven Wilson, Collage, and my namesake, Beardfish! Classic prog is represented by King Crimson ("In The Court Of The Crimson King") with a clever, if slightly clumsy, segue into "Duke's End" by Genesis, and by a decent, albeit long, track by ELP.

Definitely worth a listen, especially for the first three tracks (Moon Safari, Collage, Spock's Beard).

Edited to add: Here's a link to the Moon Safari track:

And here's a link to the Spock's Beard track:

Finally, here's a link to the Neal Morse Band cover of "MacArthur Park". Music fans of a certain age will be amazed. But, be warned: The grand style of progressive rock is essentially Wagnerian. Sample at your own risk. Play at maximum allowable volume. Vocals by NMB multi-instrumentalist Bob Hubauer.

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Some Inspiro for the Post-Nap World.
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I clicked on this once for understanding. It said "whoever fucks the most wins".
Well, its not wrong, the whole of evolution is built on that axiom.

Less literal interpretation stands as well: if you screw everyone over, you're likely to win.

As long as they don't know it's you behind their misfortune ( retaliation, rejection ), hee hee - but I like it!

By the way, since got a reply I won't correct my post, I meant "proselytizes", not prophesizes.
Correct it anyway. I do it all the time, even when people quote me. Just go in and modify it.
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« Last post by Wilshire on June 23, 2017, 11:14:19 am »
I have received my hard copies, looks good. :)
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Goodreads giveaway! 5 copies! US only! Ends June 28th
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