Miles Cameron's Traitor Son Cycle

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« on: July 21, 2017, 01:57:30 am »
Curious if anyone has read this series of books. Here's a link to the first one:

I finished the third one day, after finishing the previous two a few years back. I am not recommending this series in any way, I have actually grown to dislike it, and the only reason I kept reading is because I'm kind of a completionist, at these things, not sure if I'll pick up the fourth book though.

Anyway, I hate every character (the lead character is a huge Mary Sue that excels at everything he does, and not in a übermensch Kellhus kind of way; various other characters have very weak and simple personalities, etc.), three books in and I am not even sure what the story is supposed to be about and, well, the setting. A lot of fantasy writers toil hard to create deep, engaging and rich settings; the author here has had the brilliant idea of just ripping off the real world, bending it slightly, adding magic to it and calling it a day.

To his credit, he knows the Middle Ages well; not specifically the politics of it, but the warfare and life style. Most of it reads as a filler, though; there is hardly any depth.

Anyway, why did I open this thread? Because I'm curious if anyone else has read it, and how they compared it to Bakker. Maybe five or ten years ago, I would've eaten it up, but nowadays, it is simply not very engaging at all.