TDTCB, Ch. 8

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What Came Before

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Quote from: Madness
8.1 - CNAIUR 2: Return of the Most Violent of All Men.

Solid catches on the quote by TonyP and Church's catch of explicit violence - Bakker went from Kiyuth, a more traditional fantasy battle, whereas, Cnaiur's throwing pieces of a at his parent and promise the end of "Yursalka."

Yursalka's inversion of Cnaiur as Chieftain, despite his crimes against culture (p245).

"Not because they feared their lunatic Chieftain, but because it was the way" (p246).

8.2 - The little Vulgar Holy War that could

I think its very interesting that the Three Seas under the theistic powers of Inrithism don't use sorcerers for communication (p247).

Otherwise, the defection of the Vulgar Holy War represents some more everyman decisions, ignorant of the grand scheme of things but not without wisdom, valour in its own way. Its three leaders fence with various entreaties from the Powers That Be, declarations, martial engagements, edicts and eventually make to "the Breakers" (p251), Asgilioch the southern most bulwark against the heathen beneath the Unaras Mountains (p251), the boundary of the faithful.

And Maithanet, in holy cultivation, prays and fasts.

8.3 - An Analysis of Social Mechanism by Ikurei Conphas

Once again, I really miss that Bakker's story can't have allowed for more of this political fencing.

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I enjoy that Conphas' perspective mentions the Commerce of Souls (p255) and that he reflects on the simple mechanisms behind of the rise and fall of Nansur dynasties, disposing of slaves, the plying of diplomats.

The meat of this, however, is found in reflection:

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8.4 - Strategy; or Life with Bobbleheads

After a brief counsel with Xerius' War Room, the grand unveiling of Eleazaras, Grandmaster of the Scarlet Spires.

Both Xerius' and Chepherammuni are reflections of the other, the former struggles to dominate his circumstance, despite being outclassed by those around him, and the latter is plays the mummer, which is what, in truth, Xerius is here. There are some cheap invocations of risking Damnation (p266).

The Imperial Nansur want to know why they lost the Saik as leverage and the Spires wish to tell the Ikurei that they are scheming fucks. Eleazaras has Xerius pinned and Conphas, a student, knows this. In the end, the only useful things that happened, are Eleazaras in arrogance of jnan, revealed that the Spires were purchased to join the Holy War (p264) and Conphas gave a Eleazaras a dose of his worst fears (p267).

And Xerius pretty much admits to being intent on the Vulgar Holy War's possible demise.

Otherwise, both parties intend to basically two the political line with the other.

It makes me wonder if the Ainoni would have joined the Holy War anyways?

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8.5 - Maithanet. Shriah Extraordinaire

Conphas reflects on the Spires obvious vendetta against the Cishaurim and uses this seemingly secret knowledge, as lockesnow said, solvable only by Esmenet and Conphas ;), to leverage that Maithanet knew of the secret war. In both cases, Maithanet either has an ear in the Spires or the Cishaurim.

Ultimately, "Maithanet. What game did he play? For that matter, who was he?" (p269)

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8.6 - Like a God

This section reveals the success (failure) of the VHW. Mostly, everyone has noted the awesome last two paragraphs of the chapter and this passage.

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Sologdin, you had the greatest last line there.