Yearly Targets 2019

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« on: January 04, 2019, 03:02:37 pm »
A place to keep track of our 2019 reads. Hopefully I, or someone else ;) will post the totals in the 2018 thread. Cheers!

Just finished Prince of the Blood by Raymond Feist(1). Really enjoyed it. It picks the story back up in Midkemia, with Arutha still in power in Krondor and his sons having to learn their way.

As usual, I'll try to get around 30. Dont think I quite hit that this year, but close enough.

ETA: if you guys update 2018 with anything you might have missed, I'll try and get to the totals.
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« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2019, 04:45:42 pm »
49 last year, that's a huge amount for me.
I want to say that reading 4 books a month was way to much for me, but I think a lot of that was because nearly every one was a new story and not a sequel of some kind. This year I'm going to focus on finishing out some of the great stories I've started in the last handful of years. I suspect I might end up reading a lot of them quickly but I don't want to push to hard and miss something.

So I'll try for a modest 30.

Series I'd like to finish
Bas Lag (Mieville) - 2 books
Echopraxia (Watts) - 1 book
Farseer (Hobb) - 2 books
Unhewn Throne (Staveley) - 2 books
Traitor Son (Cameron) - 4 books
Three Body (Liu) - 2 books
Night's Dawn (Hamilton) - 2 books
Gap Cycle (Donaldson) - 4 books
Magicians (Grossman) - 1 book
Red Rising (Brown) - 3 books
Shattered Sigil (Schaffer) - 2 books
Fifth Season (Jemisin) - 2 books
Mistborn (Sanderson) - 2 books

Thats 29. Round it to 30 with Erikson's Rejoice: A Knife to the Heart

Id like to get to others if there's time:
Hidden Empire (Anderson) - 5
Powder Mage (McClellan) - 2
Acts of Cain (Stover) - 2
Codex Alera (Butcher) - 4
Expanse (Corey) - 4
Books of Babel (Bancroft) - 2
Arcane Ascension (Rowe) - 2
Night Angel (weeks) - 2

Thats another 23 lol. Maybe I'll just have to read more.
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