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« on: June 04, 2013, 07:20:17 pm »
Quote from: Callan S.
I didn't intend to watch this - was flicking around the channels as you do.

I'd like to prime you about the male/female roles. But I think it's probably more neutral to watch the doco.

The thing that strikes me is how a couple of the men are interviewed and how they might be from some tribal village in the back of beyond, but they already have the relativist moral bargaining down pat "Oh, maybe this lady comes and thinks our culture is ugly, but if we go to her culture, we'd think that's ugly too"

The thing that really hits me as bullshit is actually the 'our' in 'our culture'.

I mean sure, in western society you get discrepancies - from the minute, like men don't wear skirts, to larger ones. These end up making a male culture and a female culture. But if you think as the two cultures as circles, I'd like to think they largely overlap each other. More to the point, men are prepared to face, to atleast some degree, the female culture. Making it not as particular a female culture, in the process.

Here, exactly how much of the female culture are these men willing to face themselves? To go get the damn water from the dirty pond. To stir the porridge while, say, females for a change tell them how they are doin' it wrong. Etc, etc.

You have no fucking shared culture! You have two, one preditory/parasitic to the other. You have no 'our' culture!

And if 'our' was supposed to refer strictly to the male culture, well you aint got shit really without your women. It's not (just) that you're ugly, it's that you're pathetic without them (dead, even). Atleast acknowledge how pathetic you are (if you're going to continue), as you enact all that paternalistic bullshit. But I guess it'd take the balls out of the paternalism, to own up to being pathetic. You can't handle what your women face, nor can you actually handle life without your women.

Just pissed off and needed to formulate a responce. They are totally going to walk down to the watering hole and use their wireless laptops and read this... ...