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The Unholy Consult / [TUC Spoilers] Serwa and Kelmomas
« on: August 06, 2017, 08:52:58 pm »
Hello, I have a question regarding the quarrel that grazes Serwa's knuckle in the Upright Horn.  From the story, Serwa counts 99 chorae and succeeds in evading them all, save for one, that seems to blink into existence the moment she calls for the others outside to come in.  I was wondering how a chorae could escape her Dunyain sorcerous scrutiny, and the only thing I could come up with is the triple sickle pouch of Sorwheel.  Here is what I think might have happened, though I cannot say for sure:

Kelmomas frees himself from his chains, then immediately sets off to see if he can retrieve the pouch he saw fall and be trampled into the dirt, so he can bring it to his father and prove to him he was only acting to protect Kellhus.  I know the story says it disappears back into the earth, but Kel is the No-God and can see through Yatwerian glamours, so I can see that he would be able to get it.  Now Kel has it and is eventually taken by the skin-spy called Serwë.  He is already in the Upright Horn by the time the Ordeal attacks, so maybe he kept the pouch and gave it to one of the Inversi, who affixes it to a quarrel but keeps the pouch on the tip, with instructions to only remove the pouch and fire once Serwa thinks all is safe, or maybe it is possible that Kel himself has the chorae and waits for the right moment to fire.

Anyway, sound plausible?  I can't see any other way to conceal a chorae than with that pouch, and Kel has already shown his fratricidal nature.  What do you think?

General Earwa / The No-God and the 144k souls. [spoilers inbound]
« on: January 22, 2017, 10:20:46 pm »
First post, it is about something I have been thinking about in regards to the he No-God and the number of souls needed to shut off the World from the Outside, and the alternate dreams Akka has other Aspect-Emperor. So, spoiler alert!

A couple of things first:

- the No-God seems to be conceived as a God, but this might be a mistake of grammar. It could also mean that the Carapace is simply a zone where no God is permitted, a No-God zone. Sealed with chorae as it is, the chorae may serve to further occlude the interior of the sarcophagus.
- the 144k is the amount souls required to seal off the outside. In religion, heaven is sometimes a place where only 144k people are permitted. So far it seems people think there will be 144k people allowed to live, but this might not be the case, only the souls are required. We have seen that there are ways to contain souls in the World, either as husks or in objects.

That being said, here is my conjecture, that the dreams Akka has of people in a long chain line are being fed into the Carapace, and that the 144k souls are trapped inside the Carapace. This fulfils some prophecy about the Holy Land, and tricks the Outside into believing the World is separate somehow. Once the requisite souls are trapped, all other living beings must be extinguished, thus eliminating the need to have a group of people to care for. This also means that the No-God is not a single entity, but a confused multiplicity, a whirl of 144k souls all trapped and blinded by the chorae, perhaps.

Apparently the Inchoroi have pulled this trick on other worlds, but it never worked out for them, and then they would go to another world to try again. However the Inchoroi didn't have chorae on the other worlds, so maybe that is the game changer, and a God with teary eyes will not see so well. Mimara possesses the Eye of Judgment though, a Gods eye, so if she ever sees the Carapace, we will know.

As for the number 144k, it is based on the 12 tribes of Israel I think, and apparently 12000 from each tribe are allowed into Heaven or something. So 12 times 12000 is 144000. The Inchoroi had a homeworld but it seems they did not try this trick there. However they believe in their prophecy. Maybe their Heaven was realized by some of their people, but the rest were excluded, so they sought to recreate a new heaven of their own the best way they knew how, with the Tekne. It wasn't until they found Eärwa though that they found their match, a race who didn't have Tekne but had something perhaps more potent, the Quya, or sorcery. The marriage of sorcery and Tekne may be the key to their promised land.

Now there are only 2 Inchoroi left, or so it seems, but they are true believers and have been reinforced with the Consult. Feeding the No-God souls was easier during the first Apocolypse, as the North was full of souls, but is probably harder now that the North is empty. However, the Ordeal has enough souls to feed the No-God still, so Kellhus may unwittingly provide the Consult with what they need.

When the No-God does appear in dreams, he asks people what they see, but through the voices of Sranc. The No-God is blind but apparently has other senses, or perhaps some kind of connection with living souls, for people have an innate sense of the No-God's existence, or so I recall. Thus the No-God is the perfect annihilator, preternaturally drawn to living beings by some soul magnetism. Only cracking the Carapace seems to dispel the No-God.

Just some of my thoughts. Thanks!

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