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Video Game Thread! What are you playing?

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I game a lot in my spare time. Right now I'm trying to finish up the last few missions in Metal Gear Solid V.

I play on PC quite a bit but havent kept up with Blizzard games outside of D3. My Steam name is the same as here if anybody wants to add me.

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Played about half of Witcher 3, got bored and stopped.

Currently only playing SC with Madness online but I am looking forward to some of the new games coming out soon. Should be a good year for gaming.

Anasurimbor Phallus:

--- Quote from: Alia on December 01, 2015, 08:17:34 pm ---The only game that I've played a lot and enjoyed were Heroes of Might and Magic. When I met my then-not-yet husband, we used to spend some time together, playing Heroes II on "hot-seat". And then, when I fell down with chicken pox (which at the age of 21 is a real nightmare), he lent me Heroes III, which helped me keep my sanity while locked for 3 weeks at my room and smelling like Soviet distillery (in case you don't know, the best topical treatment for chicken pox in adults is salicylic spirit - don't try it with kids, though). And then we bought ourselves a new computer so that I could play Heroes V.
But then I graduated, got to (up to three) jobs at the same time, so I quit playing computer games. Although last weekend my husband dearest got out a copy of Heroes three and we started playing it, for the old times' sake mostly.

--- End quote ---

Loved Heroes 2. Heroes 3 was probably the high point of the series. In both games my favorite thing was to raise an unstoppable skeleton horde withe the Necromancer faction.

I'm currently obsessed with Medieval 2. It's a medieval combat RTS that came out in 2006 I think, but I didn't pick it up until recently. Really fun game especially for a history fan like me. Unlike most RTS which are about winning by destroying all the enemy units, Medieval 2 takes the more historical approach of taking into account fatigue and morale. If you troops are tired, they'll move and fight sluggishly. If their morale breaks, their ranks will dissolve and they'll be easy prey for enemy cavalry.

Another thing I love is that formations and battlefield geography are really important. Do I form my spearmen into a hedgehog for all-around defense, or march them in a column for more speed? In a siege defense, do I stop the invaders at the wall breach or draw them into narrow alleys to ambush them? A lot of really fun decisions to make in this game.

Francis Buck:
I'm pretty huge into gaming. Started as a kid when I was maybe three and my brother got a Sega Genesis with Mortal Kombat and the first Sonic. Color coded ninjas suddenly became my jam.

I play a decent variety of games, but I suppose most of what I'm into falls into a vague "action" category. Love RPG's, but it depends heavily on the systems used (I've never been able to get into turn-based things games outside of Pokemon, but I've also never really pushed myself to beyond a few rare instances -- most recently I can remember X-Com, which I enjoyed but sucked so bad at that I lost the drive to go on).

I was and kind of still am pretty into Halo. I used to be in it for both the gameplay and the story, but the story (and really the whole extended lore of the universe) took a sharp nosedive after Halo 3 to the point that I simply don't care about it anymore. Halo 5 had the worst story of a Halo game, but it also has easily some of the best gameplay, especially multiplayer, and I think the singleplayer of Halo 6 is going to be pretty fantastic as far as the encounters and level design.

Recently became a fan of the MGS series (I actually have a half-finished casual essay thing I wrote about the franchise). Despite tons of weird little quirks -- not all of them good -- I think MGS is easily some of the best in the medium. MGSV had, in my opinion, a pretty brilliant story that I don't think we'll be acknowledged for its genius for some time. MGS is weird when it comes to "story" though -- the actual plots are completely absurd and generally not very good, but each game -- particularly 2 and especially V, have incredibly clever meta-stories which involve the player themselves and their emotions more than most games ever try to.

The Dark Souls series is basically top dog for me though. I haven't ever played a game with such a mastery over the player's state of mind, while also having incredible gameplay, amazing worldbuilding/lore, and stunning art direction. There are games I would consider its equal, but I can't think of any I would consider superior.

I'm also into 2D platformers and action games, and play a lot of indie stuff -- even more so recently, since I'm trying to make my own game. I finally played Braid after hearing about it for years, and it easily exceeded my expectations. It's definitely one of the best and perhaps one of the most important games of the 2000's, and -- like Dark Souls -- is an exquisitely crafted piece of art where every element comes together cohesively. Soundtrack is fantastic too.

Anyone here who plays Elder Scrolls online?  I can`t seem to decide whether is a good idea or not......I loved playing Oblivion back in the day, so this game has a strong nostalgic pull on me.

Add me on steam: Fiddler

There are many people called Bolivar on steam dude!  Which Bolivar are you?


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