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Whence the Inchoroi?

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"Why are they on Earwa?" I suspect is a question that will be answered in TUC. But what kind of world did they come from? No sorcery, yet they apparently had some kind of understanding of the Outside and Damnation. Is that a 'science gone too far' kind of thing?

I don't think there's any particular reason the Inchoroi came to Earwa. My read of Wutteat's dialog in WLW is that the Ichoroi had simply been traveling from world to world, killing all but 144k people and seeing if that saved their souls. The reason they're on Earwa is just that they crashed and can't leave. Possibly the No-God seems promising for ending damnation.

My pet theory is that they are fleeing from someone else (another species of a non-depraved faction of their own race) who were trying to exterminate them. Their motives don't parse otherwise, since they are biologically immortal and had interstellar levels of tech, so they had no real reason to fear damnation unless someone was actively trying to end their lives. This will probably not pan out, but my crackpot is dear to my heart.

Other pet theory - they are full of shit about Earwa being the promised planet of "salvation", there is nothing that can shield them from Judgement because the force they are trying to fight against is the cause of the cosmological structures they are attempting to wield as weapons.  You can't seal the World from the Outside when there is Someone in the Outside Who causes the World to exist in the first place, all He has to do is unmake your defensive measures and there you are.  I look forward to seeing the Inchies rage out like mad when they realize this.

Reaching their prophesied 144k and then having Yatwer come down and smite them would be quite the end for them.

Also, if you're familiar with Dune:
Dune spoilers
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[Spoilers ?]

Not "whence the Inchoroi" but "who are the Inchoroi?" 

This is out there, and in no means a defamation of anyone, simply a fan theory (like how I think How I Met Your Mother is actually a suicide note).

Could the Inchoroi be humans from Earth?  Thousands of years of technology advanced?  They have a nuke, which is pretty human, especially in a universe where geometry can straight murder you and your whole town, unless you have a (non) magic rock.  They seem to be he prefect blend of science and religion.  One that utilizes weapons of mass destruction (and weapons of light, or lasers, or whatever).  They can manufacture and manipulate genes, which honestly is technology we can or will be able to do within this century.  The ship is built from a mystery metal, and if a time traveler brought back a set of titanium golf clubs to 800AD, or Chobham armor...and a modern would be as wondrous to them as sorcery is to us.

Also, the fact that the Inchoroi are looking for 144k souls.  That's the doctrine of certain door knockers, born in North America, and fearing the edicts of Popery. 

Was the Three Seas born of humanity from Earth?  Were Nonmen genetic experiments of such colonization just as the Consult was, sent to condition colonies for humanity that never came? Save for the Five Tribes of Men (weird the five tribes all kind of look alike).

Did Earth die and the last remnants of the dead planet arise in the Consult?  The Nonmen being tools left to, their own devices?  The fact humanity was largely isolated on the other side of the mountains, separate from the Nonmen lends credence to this.  Technology and tactics are logical, they have the same flora and fauna as Ice Age Earth, which would be great for a species looking to settle on a new planet especially after 6 thousand years.

Hence, the last remnants of Earth are in the Consult, taking knocking on doors to a violent new level?  I would have pegged the Mormons to be the last folks, but then again, not as many Mormons in Eastern Canada as the Western US.


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