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Welcome to the Second Apocalypse

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What Came Before:
Hi everyone,

Make yourselves at home, restart old topics anew - and I will be working to transcribe the old Forumer posts to the threads that do and don't pop up spontaneously here.

Kick up the feet, grab a drink, light a cigar, perhaps a bowl. Hydrate ;).

If anyone has any suggestions about the forum, content, or even a Fansite: let me know.

My capabilities in terms of administration have become unparalleled :).


EDIT: Apologies, if Forumer AdminCP spammed your e-mails with duplicates like it did mine.

Glad to see the Boards back in a functional, albeit mostly contentless, state. Thanks for all the hard work Madness.

Hello again. It's weird that teh old board couldn'tbe fixed, but no worries. I've been part of online forums that have migrated no less than 5 times, so... meh.

Hi everybody. Happy to see we recoverd the first Forumapocalypse.
Let us wait for the second one now...

Excellent choice, as Shriah I can only approve.


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