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To maximize engagement and minimize the inevitable friction between individuals, I've created this thread to establish a place where we might discuss, at length, the interactions between us.

Your posts might be moved here, or quoted in part or in full, in order for us to further understand what broke down in our social discourse, and how we might fix it - or at least not make the same mistake next time. All this, without disrupting the normal flow of conversation in a topic.

Please, feel free to post here if you disagree with how things are being moderated, or if you'd like to otherwise talk about any specific instances related to this community at large that isn't being addressed.

Quoted in whole to continue the conversation as needed. Please feel free to continue this discussion here if you'd like.

--- Quote from: EdwardReynolds on July 27, 2017, 07:39:31 am ---
--- Quote from: MSJ on July 26, 2017, 02:51:27 pm ---Also, i hate when someone starts a thread, bitches and moans, doesnt give us enough info to know what their issue is, then doesnt participate anymore.

--- End quote ---

Feel Free not to post in this thread anymore. I get what your saying, but i have a job and limited spare time. I might be new here but let me tell you the sentiments, of what i will comfortably gamble , of the other users here - take you weak ass attitude somewhere else. Were all here to pour our passion into a book series we love, take a jog mate. Lay off the keyboard untill you, as have accused me,  have something to say.

--- End quote ---

So, what do we think. What went wrong here?
I'd like to point out that AFAIK, pretty much everyone here has a job and limited time. Do you feel this separates you from others here?
If you find the nature of MSJ's response abhorrent, why respond like in kind? Do you feel like you were justified, and even if so, isn't acting in such a way hypocritical?

Hopefully you don't feel singled out. Due to the increased volume of people recently, this is a new thread, and this happens to be the first instance I was able to capture and redirect.

I support and appreciate, #2.

If nothing else, we can all gain a greater appreciation of our shared communicative foibles 8).

Edward Reynoylds, for one i never said hateful things too you. I simply said i hate when people pop in, say, "This or that sucks" and we never hear from them again. I was just wanting info on why you have these feeling, in order to discuss them with you. Sorry, brother. I know we all have busy schedules, just thought it was another one time poster with not much to offer, imo. It seems i offended you, was wrong and im very sorry about that. I hope you except my apology.

Post moved to here at the request of the community:

--- Quote from: Baztek on August 04, 2017, 05:34:45 pm --->women
>reading philosophy


--- End quote ---

Please avoid being intentionally or inadvertently incendiary.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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