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The Intellectual War on Science

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It's a mad world in the smaller scales

Considering the very act of observation changes the result.


So you can predict but if you go to check your prediction...

if you fancy a a non animated one here's the royal institution one :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9tKncAdlHQ

I've read the arguments. Its interesting, except for killing whom some of you deem defective. There's no argument for that in my eyes. You or no one else gets to choose who lives and who dies, or decide on who gets to mate with whom. I've read it all just fine. Because, I find it disgusting doesn't mean I haven't read it and no amount of further evidence for why it would be good would change my mind.

I was going to respond but then I realized I'm going to close the thread and I don't need to have "a last word" on the content in that case.

If any of you want to talk to me about that privately, do so. There are a couple of conversations in this thread that could be continued in more specific threads so we can try those anew separately as members choose.


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