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Is There Grace or Forgiveness in TSA / Earwa?

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Relistened to Inraus point of view in the audiobook and feel the time spent with him is important somehow, his inner turmoil and "doubts."

Would the Gods spare any judgement on Akka for the act of sparing Inrau from the Mandate, even for those few short years?

Can Yatwer save souls that give to her or at least temper eternal damnation?

According to Bakker, the gods are capricious and the criteria for being "saved" is essentially that a god likes you.

If they did exist, what does Grace and/or Forgiveness look like in Earwa. From there, I might be able to discuss its possible existence.

If you are asking if there is a single god with the power to grant any soul eternal ecstasy rather than eternal torment, no I don't think so.

For I have seen the virtuous in Hell and the wicked in Heaven. And I swear to you, brother, the scream you hear in the one and the sigh you hear in the other sound the same.

Francis Buck:
We are told that only Yater and Gilgaol can "seize" a soul, but I would imagine that the God-of-Gods wins out over of both of them (and I'm not sure where Ajokli fits into this but he must be up there). So far it would appear that acquiring the favor of the God-of-Gods results in Oblivion rather than a paradisaical type of afterlife, however.

So in theory, I think Yatwer could save a soul, but she might not ALWAYS be able to if she desires it, depending on who actually gets "first dibs" in the Outside.


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