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Second Apocalypse Discord Server [Yes, we have one!]


Indeed, we do have a little Second-Apocalypse Discord server.

Thing is, we value the integrity of our little community (and also we really don't like spam-Sranc), so we don't have a public invite link.

If anyone would like an invite though, feel free to introduce yourself in this thread (if you have no other forum posts) or message me directly for a link (if you do have some posts) this way we know people are real humans, who are really interested in joining!


Is the Discord server still active? I'd like to join if it is.

For posterity, yes its still active as of today :)

Can I join the Discord?? I am the current "administrator" of the Second Apocalypse wiki on fandom...

Yes! I sent you a link. Let me know if you still need access (the link expires eventually).


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