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What Came Before:
Just thought I'd make a sticky about suggestions. Feel free to post here, PM, or e-mail me with ideas and criticisms about the running and organization of the forum.

In the advent of the new board I thought it may be worthwhile to consider a slight change. Much of conversation in TUC board, I think, should be moved to the WLW. We as a community have kind of decided that each dedicated board contains the spoilers up to the reading of that book. As such, I think now that TUC is coming soon (hopefully), and since in light of the entire forum move, I think it might be a good idea to move the topics to WLW.

That way we can still discuss the WLW stuff without fear of TUC spoilers, since, by design, TUC board will be discussing the book. It will be a bit awkward for some time after TUC is released, in regards to what is/isn't spoiler tagged. If the conversation where moved to WLW, then this could be somewhat alleviated. Those interested in continuing the conversation about WLW could do so, and those sufficiently worried about spoilers would be able to avoid TUC board until they finished reading.

Hopefully you havent moved to much yet, I wouldn't want to have to do it twice.

What Came Before:
What you see is what you get, Wilshire, so far ;). I did one session of motion, most of the forums with the least posts. I'm setting my sights for TUC and Misc. next, and I might hazard another episode tonight before bed (though, it's been a two jobs long day and I have a Latin exam tomorrow within another two jobs day) - quite unprepared.

I think it shall be so.

Madness, dumb question, but have you already advertised this board on Westeros? Not sure if they frown upon that. Breaking into tight-knit communities can be very difficult, and I'd hate to think we missed out on some great discussion because tentative members don't feel like breaking into what looks like an insular community. Not that we are, but you get the picture.

What Came Before:

Short answer, yes. It's my sig there and in the past I've earned myself some reprimands for plugging the original SA in excess (by members, never moderation) - I can't help that our discussions here encompass and exceed those at Westeros and thus beg to be referenced ;). It's the nature of using an entire forum to discuss Bakker rather than one thread.

But again, this rendition of Second Apocalypse is an official bid to attract engage membership - I've upped the ante considerably, I think.


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