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I love all the available stats that are there to be seen. Any chance of more? Like some kind of traffic/log-on statistics?

Hmm... I'm not sure, Wilshire. I shall do some poking around.

Just noticed that there is an "Average online per day" listed, which is kind of what I was asking for. Its close to 17, which I find interesting. I wonder how its calculated? I could believe that there are 17 unique visits per day if it counts the guests, since half are likely just spam-sranc. That brings the count closer to 10 or 8, which seems reasonable.

Does it include guests, I wonder?

Not sure who's suggestion it was, but whoever said it would be a good idea to have a topic that labled "Unholy consult release date" or something similar, you where right. Its nearly the top viewed topic on the site with nearly 1500 views. That topic has certainly drawn a couple people here. Hopefully some of them has stuck around.


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