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If it is your DNS and you do not want to manually set Google DNS servers try the following:

Clear your internet browser.
Flush DNS cache. In a cmd prompt type ipfconfig /flushdns

I rarely have any issues at all with he Quorum - its usually me having multiple pages open.

That is still client side, SR. 
Corrupted local data would cause problems connecting to the web in general, as far as I understand it, much more than a few problems on one site.
Got big problems if you have been DNS-spoofed, especially if you do any online finances. 
My ISP's DNS was causing me similar problems recently with a few specific websites; intermittent communications et al. but fine on most sites.

Still, give it a try - can't really hurt your setup by doing it.

Firefox. Again though, Sovin, not I, has access to the stuff that truly matters now in terms of maintenance (see Chorae rank icon :().

Chrome (OSX 10.7.5 and later, if that matters)

As i said Madness - if the issue was with the server these problems would very likely be universal to all users.

I have no problem with Chrome - although I had to switch from Firefox because it didn't work properly with the scripts my university servers ran a couple of years back.


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