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Question/suggestion in regard to getting rid of spam


Callan S.:
Some sites registration page ask some kind of question in regards to the book they are about.

Is it possible to add questions to the registration page here?

I'm just pleased that it took this long for the bots to really get going!

I'm working on pruning, but it is tiresome :P. I hope something less reactive can be done

What Came Before:
Callan, there is an option for that. I inherently disagree with this option (though I would consider it, if the Ten - arbitrary moniker - posters we have here decided on something elegant). I experience a specific inner twang whenever I think about some process in the chain between a person and posting here that I've specifically disrupted. People are heuristic, which might more efficiently expressed in communication by labeling heuristic and bias lazy.

It is easier to think and not to do, then it is to think and do. The more steps someone has to take to accomplish something, the less likely they will express the time and effort to accomplish something.

Also, it suddenly smacks of doctrine when we require others to manifest requisite knowledge to partake in our community, simply to maintain our aristocratic comforts (not seeing another post by spammers) ;). Wilshire and I are the only persons who have to actually exercise effort whenever the Spam-Sranc come posting.

Lol - aside, I've added a sweet captcha task for registration and made it required for new members to satisfy some kind of verification process on their first five posts when embarking into the trackless steppe of SA.

That seems reasonable enough. Certainly make the smallest changes possible and see what works. Its really not difficult to delete spam so I'd rather not risk loosing members/activity if that was the trade off.


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