ARC: TDTCB Chapter 6

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« Reply #15 on: May 19, 2018, 11:35:15 pm »
Getting the body count up to date...

Chapter Six Body Count: Six named characters (Okkiür, Maluti, Sakkeruth, Bannut urs Hannut, Oknai One-Eye, Balait urs Kututha) and hundreds (thousands?) of unnamed ones.
Xunnurit and Yursalka are, of course, both confirmed to have survived the battle later on. There is another named Scylvendi character (Othkut) but it's unknown if he dies (he might have escaped along with Yursalka).
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"But you’ve simply made the discovery that Thelli made—only without the benefit of her unerring sense of fashion."
-Anasûrimbor Kayûtas (The Great Ordeal, chapter 13)

"You prefer to believe women victims to their passions, but we can be at least as calculating as you. Love does not make us weak, but strong."
-Ykoriana of the Masks (The Third God, chapter 27)