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The Unholy Consult / How tall are the Horns?
« on: September 22, 2017, 05:26:13 pm »
Someone out there must be better at math than me - does anyone have a decent idea how tall these things are? iirc the canted horn is described as taking something like 30 heartbeats to fall. The word "leagues" gets tossed around in one description of the horn falling to the plain, i think, also.

The Ark almost certainly was built in space wherever it came from. That sort of mass would be heinously hard to launch out of any sort of earth like gravitational field.

Also, randomly, why did Aurax open the door from the Vigil into the Golden Room? Is it as simple as death = damnation and he would do anything to live longer even though he was 99.999999999% certain Kellhus would kill him the second the door opened?

Also, randomly, why did the dunsult make a seemingly legit effort to kill Kellhus when as far as we know they also needed him to be TNG (at least until the last 20+ hours when Kel came into their clutches)? They need TNG to close off the world and stave off damnation and they they are going around trying to kill their shot at Resumption. Doesnt really make sense. Unless its all performative. When you have two sets of Dunyain (and a god!) claiming that the ground is conditioned in their favor motive/subject/object gets confusing in the extreme.

the book continues to definitely sit better with me after my re-read but there are still some ridiculous Chekhov gun scenarios running around. Oh well..

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