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How to kill a No-God without a Heron Spear?

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That spear could well be long gone and it would make a nice moment for Achamian to come across it's broken fragments, the realization scroll slowly through his soul.  Surely this is a question that Kellhus has considered!  Whatever his secret plans are, he's got to be prepared for contingencies.  Possibilities:

1. Drop the earth out from under it.  Killing Mog like Titirga.  Seems unlikely/anticlimactic.  Would it even work?  Damn thing might keep flying or just zoom out of the hole.  Maybe you could crush it closing the earth back up?  Meta-gnosis/gnostic or quya concerts could make a big hole in the ground.

2. Meta-daimos.  The carapace is supposed to have 11 chorae on it BUT...Achamian suggested that chorae have limited effect against some level of intrusion from the Outside when he was thinking that Mimara should not have been able to dispatch the unholy Seal of Cil-Aujus.

3. Big hammers.  Kellhus can just make a dozen Yalgrotta-kin fly into the air and smash the nimil case with blunt force.  The 11 chorae might not have an effect unless you touch them in which case Kellhus would just continuously refloat those who were momentarily unmagicked.  Does not work if the whirlwind is itself an unmagic field.


Francis Buck:
My bets are on the Judging Eye, or some sort of crazy metaphysical loophole Kellhus figured out twenty years ago (which may or may not involve using the No-God to his own advantage).

I personally doubt we'll ever see the Heron Spear again. I think it was only ever meant to serve as 1.) A plot-device for "killing" the No-God in the backstory of the series without having to reveal much of anything so far as what the No-God actually is, and 2.) A general red-herring for the series. Unless a big part of the latter books involve the finding/acquisition/recharging of the Spear, then it's hard to see how it could work in a way that didn't feel anti-climactic, at least to me. Instakill BFG is kind of a lame way to defeat something like the No-God (I don't think it was ever even "killed" in the first place, just temporarily incapacitated). It's okay for the backstory, but would feel like a cop-out if the same thing is done again.

Holy jeepers, what if you launched the NG into the Outside via a portal?  Would that be like matter and anti-matter touching?  Would it be crushed by the sheer weight of will that seems to be the source of power and influence there?  Could it be isolated in the mundane world?

I think that, whatever the mechanism of the HS, it is a purely mundane, physical effect, and that it is still capable of being destroyed in such a manner.  That's why they didn't release it onto the battlefield until they were desperate, that's why they have a whirlwind protecting it and having it float high in the sky (I think I'm presuming that last one...).

Hell, maybe Kell's been developing cannons.  Even if they didn't have gunpowder, they could surely launch things by magical means.

Garet Jax:
My money is also TJE being the best way to actually "kill" the No God.  The god(s) couldn't be still be blind to the No God if (t)he(y) is/are looking right at it.

Also, Kellhus uses a whirlwind for protection in Shimeh... That is mighty No-God-Esque of him.

@ FB - I agree that the HS is likely gone forever, but I think it will still be an important bit of TUC.  Akka realizing its gone will be good.  Or maybe Sorweel finds its broken fragments in Ishterebinth's basement.

@ FB & GJ - D'oh!  How did I forget about the Judging Eye?  I guess sometimes I'm thinking of the carapace and what Mimara did to the unholy seal as choric things, so they would be allied and not opposed.  I don't know.

@ Wic - what a novel solution!  Get rid of Mog and the Hundred in one fell swoop!  Humanity is free!  Does that mean its definitely not going to happen? :(

@ GJ - oooohhhhh, i like that parallel of Kellhus in Shimeh/whirlwind, nice!


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