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What are you watching?

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Not a show but I did see Batman vs Superman this weekend. I didn't think it was as good as Man of Steel but I enjoyed it as someone who likes his super hero movies big and loud. And there were plenty of great nods to the comic book readers throughout. It was about as good as I could hope it would be.

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--- Quote from: Somnambulist on March 17, 2016, 10:30:11 pm ---The hair, though!  You must watch it for the hair!!!

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A couple of shows that are awesome:
1. Bosch (cop show on Amazon Prime)
2. Luther (British cop show on Netflix)
3. GoT (obviously)
4. Sense8 (Netflix)
5. John Oliver (HBO)

Haven't seen Bosch or Luther.  GoT Every Sunday. I tried Sense8...  I don't know, not that I have a specific criticism, I just sort of petered out 5 or 6 episodes in.  I know it's building toward something, but I was struggling to keep attached to any of the storylines.  Maybe I'll try to pick it back up.  John Oliver is brilliant.

Some of my favs: Silicon Valley (HBO-so god-damn funny), Penny Dreadful (Showtime-great mashup horror), and Black Sails (Starz-best pirate show anywhere).  The Americans (FX-great cold-war spy drama).  It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Archer (both FX, both hilarious).

Damn.  Looks like I watch a lot of TV.

Have any of you guys checked out The Preacher? Just caught the pilot so far and hadnt watched the next one. Supernatural going-ons, and I have no clue who is supposed to be on the side of good or evil from the pilot. Pretty good, nonetheless.

Haven't watched much recently. Been trying to not work and school again and read a bit (which is a terrible coping mechanism for not doing school work).

I was watching Vikings?

EDIT: Oh, and Game of Thrones.


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