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The Slog WLW - Chapter 9 [Spoilers]

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--- Quote from: Bolivar on April 26, 2016, 12:22:46 am ---
--- Quote ---“Who?”she gasps. Suddenly his hand is all that exists. Heavy with power, gentle with love. Her eyes track its flying path to his hip, to the rune-stitched pouch …

“Taste …”he murmurs in tones of distant thunder. “Taste and see.”
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"Taste and See" is one of the most prominent Communion hymns in the Catholic Church. The Dispensation was always an obvious analogue but it's interesting to find the little phrases he borrows to enhance the scriptural tone. And here they literally are taking in someone's corporeal body.

I'm not sure where I fall on Kosoter. Given Sarl's account of all the arrows missing and Kellhus trusting him sith this, I'm kinda leaning towards MSJ on this one.

Also, was Soma's orders to spy rescinded after speaking with the Synthese. He tries to turn Mimara against Cleric by telling her he's poisoning them, tells her to kill the Captain, and asks for her Chorae. Maybe he wanted to kill Achamian instead. I just wonder if this suggests he wasn't sent to spy on either the Captain or Cleric, since they never specify who the target was. Maybe it's Sarl? That would bolster the theory he's the Traveler and a Dunyain/Judge but I think he's being honest at this point that he's just an Eastern Zaudunyani.

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I reread the Traveler scene, and I think Sarl, Cleric, and the Captain are present when the Traveler shows up. I'm of the opinion that Soma was keeping an eye on the last Non-man king. After Mimara and Akka show up, Aurang realizes they are fulfilling a prophecy and changes the plans.

Ha ha. I didn't even notice the taste and see bit, but I do remember that song from when I used to go to church.


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