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First Appearance of the No God


So I've almost finished re-reading Darkness, and I've been fairly surprised that The No God hasn't appeared in any of Akka's visions. I always recalled the No God and his various questions being recurring throughout every book. Have I somehow just skipped over a couple of pages? Or does the Mog man himself only make his debut in Warrior Prophet?

A rather frivolous question, though I want to make sure I haven't missed any hints. Got a feeling we'll be getting Moggie back in some form this coming book...

I believe that is correct.  There are plenty of references to the No-God in Darkness, but none showing it itself.  The closest would be in chapters 15 and 16, where Akka dreams of Celmomas, but again, the No-God is referenced but not shown.

Yeah, it surprised me too on my first reread many moons ago.  The No-God isn't described until
Minor spoilers for The Warrior Prophet
(click to show/hide)the very first chapter of TWP—when Akka is describing the 2nd Battle of Mengedda to Kellhus. 
The No-God is this sorta empty signifier in the first book.  I remember my original mental image of him was this massive metallic Colossus being, idk.  The Consult tekne-engineers need to get on that though!

[EDIT] TDTCB subforum, no open spoilers for future books.

I SEE Thanks guys, glad to see I wasn't just being careless.

An interesting creative choice from Bakker. Seems odd for it not to be referenced at least at the end, but I suppose he wanted to keep some things mysterious.

Well, it's referenced in the prologue and explicitly on the jacket of TDTCB. But yes, I feel like Bakker's slow tease of the world and the conflict were have been well done.


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