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Cynical Cat:
frigid has reminded me I didn't have to push that hard to get him to read Bakker (the benefits of having good taste cred).  That's true, I didn't need to, but I did.

Here's my review before I post (a portion or a version of it) on Amazon etc. No spoilers.

'He alone had been divided against himself.'

I did not so much read The Unholy Consult as be engulfed by it. I could describe the revelation-upon-cliffhanger feeling that made hundreds of pages vanish in what seemed only moments. I could talk about putting the book down frequently to think about what the ideas meant for my own life. I could talk about the depth of concept, both literary and philosophical.

The truth is - this book was very healing for me. Proya's reflections were an important part of helping me come back from my own awful choices - not Ordealmen awful - but damaging in my own world. It quieted my mind and helped me in ways the author may never know. It was like reading The Shadow of the Torturer by Gene Wolfe, where the concepts were as significant as the plot.

I found the ending deeply satisfying, because - as with the The Prince of Nothing trilogy - it provoked feelings I had not expected. Some of the most frightening words in the series became, to me, deeply sad once I beheld their origin.

Some secrets were now in plain sight, and to others we were blinded. As in life.

An exciting and rewarding read.

That's great, AWallis.

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