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Biggest Q's for me remain how the Cishaurim infiltrated the council chambers of the Scarlet Spires and why their sorcery emanates from their foreheads "as though through a window to the Outside."

Sorcery Spoiler:

(click to show/hide)And why that differs from all other sorceries being described with sun metaphors?

all descriptions of all sorcery pretty much contain either a word with the root 'blind'  and/or a word with the root 'incandescent.'  I almost find the blindness aspect of sorcery description to be more intriguing...


--- Quote from: locke on June 12, 2013, 11:18:17 pm ---Eleazarus' accusation also seems to suggest that the Mandate also collect faces.

--- Quote ---Day for night. Night for day. Lies. All lies.
--- End quote ---
Coming so soon on what Skiotha taught young Nayu about Day for night and night for day and that this revelation came from Lokung we should make a connection here Cnaiur misses. 

Lokung taught the People that the World is a Lie.

Moenghus taught Cnaiur that the People are a Lie.

Kellhus reminds Cnaiur of Lokung's lesson, he specifically thinks that what Kellhus does is invert, that everything becomes a lie around him. 

so the connection we should perhaps make is that Kellhus and the NoGod make similar, parallel insights; perhaps this is foreshadowing that Kellhus is the NoGod?

--- End quote ---

This is one of the most interesting parts of the chapter imo. It'd be good to get onto the next book and look at Kellhus's weird visions about the No-God, rather than all this setting up stuff...

So is Eleazarus suggesting that the Mandate have a reputation for collecting faces?

Well if people have been turning up without faces and no one know who/what might be replacing them, it is possible that they decided that the crazy mandati were responsible. Everyone needs a scapegoat.


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