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As the title suggests, this will be a thread for discussing the rules for a TSA rpg. For now, this is a brainstorming thread. If we come to a decision or at least close to one, we can open up a construction thread.

I wanted to take this out of the general rpg roleplayers thread because it needs focus (no pun intended ;) ). And the other thread is supposed to be a thread for just babbling about p&p game in general.

So here it is.

As already mentioned, as of now, i think that Runequest 6 would be solid basis for a TSA rpg, if we want to go the route of "take an existing system and tweak it" (instead of developing a custom made rulesset on our own). It is a relatively oldschool rpg with new paint that has a very well rounded rules-frame, imo.
I could see a more storytelling oriented game-engine as well. So FATE or Cortex+ are contenders if others think they are better suited to "replicate" the story-structure of Scott's work.

I am always torn between a more crunchy system that can simulate the realities of a given world versus a system that better models the kind of stories that you see in said world *sigh* Oh well. Maybe you guys and gals have some opinions about that?

Let's hear them.

what's the setting? cuno-inchie wars? ceneian empire? first apocalypse?

That would be the topic for the setting thread ;)
To be honest, i want them all as playground. This is why i hope that we can activate the TSA forum hive mind ;) Put together an as-complete-as-we-can-make-it setting guide.

But as said, that should be an own thread and not discussed in here (or only tangential if it directly translates to rule tweaks).

Hmm so not much ideas around about the rules, i see.

Does this mean no existing rules set seems appropriate to you guys?

Are you guys interested and willing to hammer out a custom rulesset for this? It's a lot of work! But it could be very gratifying if we succeed.

As my first recommendation was RQ6, i was thinking a bit about the magic system. RQ is a skillbased game (that means almost all dice rolls are based on skills you have) so i think that for sorcery, we would generate a language skill (Earwa's magic is meaning based after all and is transportet via a dead language) that characters would have to learn to cast sorcery. Together with the Pow attribute (that stands for you strength of soul and will) it generates the percentage that you will have to roll under to succeed.
Now i think we would need to base the different schools on different skills (surely anagogic schools have a different way of doing things than the gnostic school etc etc ) and maybe it'd be even a different cost to raise the different skills (for i get the impression that the gnosis is more difficult to learn...but it packs more punch if you do). So you'd need more skillpoints for the language of the old nonmen and the gnostic way but it would earn you more powerfull "spells" if you achieve the same level as a anagogic sorcerer etc. .

Is that something you'd want as well? Or do you rate balance higher?
And as my reading of the PoN and the Appendix is a looong time past, am i even making sense or am i talking nonsense  :o ;D


--- Quote from: Kellais on December 05, 2013, 03:04:30 pm ---Does this mean no existing rules set seems appropriate to you guys?

--- End quote ---

Sorry, Kellais.  Not at all.  Just honestly haven't had a lot of time to parse the RQ ruleset.  Still looking forward to doing it.  Pesky work.   :)


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