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The First Apocalypse


Do you have any plans to write short stories, or perhaps a novel, about the first apocalypse?

Take as long as you need and charge as much as you want, if you write a Silmarillion style epic of the First Apocalypse, I will buy it!

Searched for this for the better part of two hours today, this morning and again this evening. I knew it was out there. Of course, it was in the thread by White Lord.

--- Quote from: Cu'jara Cinmoi, 2005 --- 2) I going to keep mum on the Anasurimbor for now. I actually have an outline for a stand alone dealing with the First Apocalypse.
--- End quote ---

Though, to be honest, I'd love read The Sagas written as an anthology of short stories. A chance to play with the voice of "different authors" and we know Cu'jara-Cinmoi toys with perspective.

--- Quote from: Cu'jara Cinmoi, 2006 ---I have a stand-alone plotted out for the First Apocalypse, but nothing on the workbench for Cuno-Inchoroi Wars. I got enough on my plate as it is!
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