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The Vulgar Holy War: tabletop prototype

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Just trying to help you out. Good luck, hope you go.

So, thoughts on GenCon? Are you going? Bringing VHW? Its a couple hour drive for me, I could come and help you out :) .

Thanks to Wilshire for directing me to this thread.

Frail, you demon! I love it, are you still into this? Ever made it to GenCon? Why haven't you posted on my board game and mini's thread?

Not to harass you, but let me know if you're up for a Skype or something to talk about your project here, very impressive!

I've done a few runs of this, and he even sent me one of the original clay sets to play test.

We also ran a game online using roll 20, which was acceptable but clearly not as good as a real tabletop.

Wonder if there is some kind of generator for this stuff because:
This guy's game looks like it has the same fonts and similar graphics.


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