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Francis Buck:
So there are actually two things I wanted to discuss here, but the one didn't seem to warrant its own thread given that it ties somewhat directly into the main topic. Since this whole idea began with that first question, I'll start with it:

Can we assume the Mutilated totally underestimated Cnaiur, not just regarding his "loyalty to the cause" but furthermore in terms of just how clever, and how crazy the Scylvendi really was? For one, I think we can rule out a face-to-face meeting having occurred between him and Consult Dunyain. Indeed, whatever 'deal' Cnaiur had with the Consult likely preceded the Dunyain usurpation, and was (one must assume) handled almost entirely through Not-Serwe, maybe a meeting with the Synthese here and there. In any case, unless we presume that the Mutilated actually planned for Cnaiur to go AWOL at the last moment (which seems very unlikely -- the only possible reason I can see is as a way to get Cnaiur out of the picture, since he's crazy, but if the Mutilated were aware of that then there are far easier ways of dispatching him).

So that leaves Meonghus, now the King-of-Tribes, and as far as I can tell...Emperor of the Three-Seas?

From what I can tell, the PR spun by Kellhus was that Moe was totally legitimate, which also makes him next in line for the throne. We might assume that, were Kayutas to survive and have means, he could potentially pusue and probably attain rulership of the Three Seas. If he survives. If he even wants it. The same can be said of Serwa.

Yes, Momemn is in ruins, and in general the Three Seas are depleted of martial resourses. But Moenghus has the entire Scylvendi army, and all their Chorae -- so not only does he have the right to claim the Empire, he has the means to take it.

This seems like it could potentially be a rather interesting narrative path. While we've been battered over the head with the idea that the Empire was just a stepping stone, this was only from the perspective of Kellhus and his goals. With the Fanim threat already deal with, this leaves the entirety of the Three Seas open for the taking, and I'm not sure Moenghus would view what remains of the Empire as being without value, especially since the main thing the Empire lacks is a fresh, trained, and armed batch of soldiers -- the one thing Moenghus already has (not to mention things like Chorae, and for all we know, the Heron Spear...the Scylvendi were the last known possessors of it).

I can't say I'm sold on this whole idea, although the fact that it hasn't occurred to me personally until recently is intriguing, and the possibility definitely lends a better sense of direction to how events may unfold on the human geopolitical side of things (which, as we know from the Last Apocalypse, hardly came to a halt once the No-God walked).

I think one "issue" though is that the Empire, as it stood in TAE, was a sort of assemblage of very disparate parts.  Some parts might have the "internal" reasons for staying united, but others, especially those directly cowed, beaten, or threatened into submission and more importantly, into unity.  So, minus Kellhus' personal sway, via manipulation and sort of "cult of personality" I don't think there is an Empire as such.

Could it be that he would try to "consolidate" something like a fusion of the old Nansur Empire and the Sylvendi territory for a "regional state" to oppose what is left of the Fanim and Zeum itself.  Anything more than that is likely well beyond "readymade" for him to return and take.  I think it's likely that even if Kayutas was to return, a "full" Three Seas Empire is well beyond something ready at hand.  It would need to be taken, for the most part, all over again.  As something that took Kellhus himself 20 years to do and even then, hanging in a tenuous equilibrium, is well beyond what even Kayutas and Serwa could likely do in a shorter amount of time (which is what I imagine TNG will play out across).

It's interesting to think about, but I think pragmatically, only Kellhus' overwhelming power was what gave a pan-Three Sea empire any feasibility.

A Scylvendi army is something I had mostly forgotten about, and Moenghus Jr. is very much in control of them. I think his rulership over the Kellian Empire is probably only technical, as H mentioned.

The difficult thing about it all is that the narrative time that TNG may take place is probably going to be something less than 10 years. I dont recall how long the last Apocalypse lasted, but 10 seems close.

That's hardly enough time to rally what remains of The Three Seas and run to Zeum, let alone do any empire building.

Based on that, his status as King of Tribes is probably enough to flee to Zeum, collecting what remains of TGO and TTS along the way. My guess is some contingent will be left to hold the mountain passes as Moenghus et al get to Zeum and try to make some sort of Final Stand plan.

It would seem to make the most sense for the Consult to head straight to Zeum to finish up their war. But actually, mopping up TTS first is a pretty viable tactic as well... Its usually not great to leave enemies at your back and fighting a two pronged war. Depending on how confident the Consult is (lets go with ridiculously confident), and how much time they believe the have (some conservative estimate of approximately howerver long the Consult had last time), I suspect they'll do some mop up operations with at least the western half of TTS for a few years. Then they'll brave the barricaded mountain passes, flood the fertile lands of Zeum, blast the final bastion of humanity, and finally save the world from the evil Gods.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Something like that.

Back to Moenghus and the living players, I do imagine someone must fulfull the Nau-Cayuti/Seswatha role of sneaking back into Golgotterath to find some weapon. Probably not the Heron Spear this time, but hey, the Sun Lance did suspiciously end up hidden back inside the Broken Horn.  For that, Achamian needs a heroic son of Kellhus, and Moenghus seem to be the likely candidate for such a position. Or maybe Crabicus, though I think he's got other stuff he'll be busy with.


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