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The Shootings in Aurora

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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: sciborg2 ---Wasn't there some guy who started robbing banks after reading Neuropath?

eta: being serious. in fact Bakker makes a reference to it on Larry's blog IIRC. will look for it.
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Madness ---I'm pretty sure you're talking about an incident from a class Bakker was teaching - and I'm not positive on the chronicle but I think it was Kellhus and Nihilism that got this kid, pre-Neuropath.

Also, lockesnow, the most inventive narrative on the internet concerning Holmes goes to you, Sir. Congratulations.

I still don't support that he's a Neil or a Chiropractor. And after a semi-thorough purview, the drugs he was on don't support his "clear-minded" intentions.
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Callan S. ---More engaging than VD's piece, anyway. Wait, VD was speculating for fun, wasn't he?

Anyway, the anecdote I remember is that some kid, after attending Scott's teachings, turned around and said to Scott that he had leaned he didn't have to feel guilty for holding up a liquour store in the past.

Possibly I'd partially agree - unlimited guilt is simply enslaving though a blank cheque entitlement scheme invoked by someone else. However, going from unlimited to absolutely none? I guess this is one of the big issue of neuro science, the semantic apostrophe (lol) etc. How people might snap from one extreme to another, a binary flip flop, rather than try and make a nest in the middle somewhere. Mostly the environment would force us into a nesting position somewhere, in the past. Now...
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