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Three Roses, Bk.1 by Roger Eichorn

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--- Quote from: Wilshire on June 13, 2016, 01:54:45 pm ---The blog is fine, I just don't like reading on my phone, or a screen at all if I can avoid it. Much better for me to read it on paper.
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I've been meaning to say that anyone forum regulars who want .pdf's of my chapters, I'd be happy to send them.  Much easier that way, if you're going to print them out.  Let me know.

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Yeap. Please and thank you, up to and including anything you'd like to share. If the experience with Bakker has taught me anything, it's that I can learn an exceptional amount studying the work of my betters.

EDIT: Where the hell does the expression "betters" come from to mean those better than you?


--- Quote from: Madness on June 15, 2016, 02:41:39 pm ---EDIT: Where the hell does the expression "betters" come from to mean those better than you?

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According to the OED, it goes back to Old English, meaning both "One's superior in a particular sphere, activity, or personal quality" and "A person of higher rank or social station than oneself. In later use chiefly in pl."  It's no surprise that it's so old, and Germanic.

Some examples:

OE   Vainglory (1936) 36   He þa scylde ne wat fæhþe gefremede, feoh [read feoþ] his betran eorl fore æfstum.

c1330  (▸?c1300)    Guy of Warwick (Auch.) l. 1939 (MED),   A gode kniȝt and no coward—Anon to Speyne his better nis.

OE   Battle of Maldon (1942) 276   Eadweard..gylpwordum spræc þæt he nolde fleogan fotmæl landes, ofer bæc bugan, þa his betera leg.

c1275  (▸?a1200)    Laȝamon Brut (Calig.) (1963) l. 1872   For hit was swuþe mouchel scome..þat scholde a quene [sc. Cordelia] beon king in þisse londe & heora sunen beon buten þa weren hire beteren [c1300 Otho betere] of þan aldre sustren.

Yes, I'm a very literal person...

Lol - I appreciate muchly, good sir.

The story is very intriguing.  I want to read the rest now :)


--- Quote from: Wilshire on June 16, 2016, 01:35:28 am ---I want to read the rest now :)

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That's exactly what I want to hear!

Thanks for reading, Wilshire!  If you have the time or inclination, I'd appreciate any comments, positive or negative.  If not, that's cool too.  I imagine we've been down this road before...

But this draft is the one.  Strangely, I am free of doubt on this point.  I never could have said that before.

This is the one!


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