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In here i hope we can gather all the TSA Hivemind knows about the setting, cultures and history of Earwa.

And also discuss what periods are suitable for play etc.


--- Quote from: Kellais on December 01, 2013, 11:44:59 pm ---And also discuss what periods are suitable for play etc.

--- End quote ---

My personal opinion regarding timelines is that anything is game, from the heyday of the cunoroi all the way up to the current book.  There are so many interesting periods of time in the history of this world they should all be open for play.  That being said, from a universally accessible standpoint, I think the years just previous to the First Holy War are ideal for adventure.  All the old intrigues are present, Kian is a powerful threat to the south, the cishaurim are still around, there's relative free trade and travel even between Inrithi and Fanim lands, the Consult is still a shadowy, elusive threat, Moenghus is conditioning the land, etc etc. Endless opportunities versus, say, the monolithic hegemony of the New Empire.  Though any and all periods in history could be great fun in their own way, I feel like that particular time frame lends itself pretty well to pnp rpgs.

I agree, Somna.

The one and only problem i see is that we have very few informations for some of the time periods. This is not a problem for a GM who wants to tell his own stories anyway and who doesn't give a damn about canon, but for someone (like me  ;D ) who is primarily interested to have a very close approximation to the real Earwa, this is a problem. I am not saying i want to replay the books! But i like the world to be as earwan as possible and not just 3% Earwa and 97% made up shit to fill the wholes  ;D
Now, this is just stating a problem i see for game-play. Please do not let that discourage you from talking and theorizing about the different ages in Earwa that are hinted at in the books etc. . I'd really like to see that stuff in here.

Anyway...i was wondering...does anyone have the appendix of PoN in an electronical format? I mean i have the book (TTT) but i would very much like to have a pdf or similar format to be able to print out the appendix and have it spread out around me when working on the P&P  ;)

Top right of this page (or any page on this site) there is a link to the Prince of Nothing wiki where some plucky user transcribed the TTT Glossary (among much else from the books) to the wiki.

Also, I feel very much that the period prior to the First Holy War is actually one of the more documented Earwan periods.

Callan S.:
How do they refer to firstnames, when they put surnames first, generally?


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