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History and epic fantasy


While the philosophical roots and branches of these books have been puzzled over and examined at length, I was wondering about another aspect. History and our understanding of history. I remember reading in interviews your (Bakker's) interest in this, how we perceive, receive and understand history and beyond that, religions and myths.

What I would like to read more about, since much of this series is built on layers of revelation, and ambiguities and contradictions being revealed, is the series also an exploration of this problem of history - are we ever able to comprehend our (distant) history based on the artefacts and sources that remain? - I mean it is already *hard* to truly comprehend our current world, for which sources are available. Let alone times past. So that implies that it is hard to understand reality - ignorance is at the core of our nature, indeed.

To me, this series explores and reflects on these questions, does that track with the aims in writing it?

As a fan/junkie of historic essays I totally agree with your point.

All writed historic source is biased (even the modern ones) and obviously historic remains (ruins, artifacts et alia) not always are easy to comprehend. In Ëarwa happens the same for sure - in fact through the series things that we don't have like the memory of immortal beings (Nonmen) or "movies" from distant past like the Mandati dreams are not longer sure. Verily ignorance is strenght - lol.


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