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The Vulgar Holy War: tabletop prototype

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I have spent a year and a half creating this prototype. It’s developed into somewhat of a mix between “Settlers” and “Axis and Allies.” The goal was to make a tournament style game, something that could be played at a competitive level. I also wanted enough random and organic elements to create high risk and reward situations. All of the pieces are handmade, the board itself has gone through 4 different versions, even a non symmetrical one.

The Vulgar Holy War (working title)
2-3 Players. Turn-based tabletop game. Players collect resources by claiming land or cities. Victory goes to the player who owns four cities by religion. Players balance the line between having a strong army or economy.

Main mechanics:
1. Peace or War?
     a.   The way players plan their strategies to a large extent comes down to whether the season is in peacetime or during wartime. If it’s during peace, players can move freely across the map where there is Empire soldiers.

2. World Events
     a.   At the start of every turn a new World Event card is revealed. If the card is not an elemental card, players can auction to see who can use the card.

3. Tactic Cards
     a.   Head on battles between players usually give a defenders advantage. Tactic cards however, turn the advantage to the attackers. Each flanking force into the defenders land, grants the attacker 1 tactic card. (Attacking from four lands into one gives 3 tactic cards.)

I would love to hear feedback if you see an area of improvement. I am satisfied with the game in terms of stats and balance, but it is not at a Kickstarter level. I would also be happy send over the PDF’s of the board as well as the sheets and rules, if anyone would like to help test the prototype. A first time playthrough takes most people around 2-3 hours, but with experienced players it rarely crosses the hour mark. I even have a spare set of clay pieces, but that would be an expensive shipment, (unless of course, Bakker is reading this and demands the original set.)

I could even do a video playthrough demonstration in the near future. My end vision for this would have each player be a different religion, the green pieces would reflect an Inrithi aesthetic, while red would be Fanim... and blue, Skylvendi.

Damn man, that is just all kinds of awesomeness!  :o

Awesome, looks very reminiscent of Settlers to me, although with fighting obviously.

First, thats incredible. Well done.

I'm not sure where you live, but sometimes large public libraries, like the one at your nearest major city, have 3D printers that you can use for free or nearly free. I think a figure about that size costs around $0.05 to make, plus time. If you're going to make something more official prototype for a kickstarter, that might be the way to go. (But those clay figures are awesome :D ).
This says you can make 3D Scans using a smartphone (scroll down to step 7), and then use some program to construct the 3d image. Once you have that its nearly as easy as sending it to a printer :P.

Let me know what type of feedback you are interested in, and if there's anything I can do to help.

Obviously, be careful where you're sending your intellectual property, especially online. That said, I'd love to see an electronic copy of whatever you've got. Ruleset, map, cards, whatever. I have a friend or two that do a lot of boardgames, so I might be able to print some stuff out and try to playtest it with some kind of stand-in tokens for the pieces. (Why do I always get the stone? ... lol)

Send me a PM, or email, or skype, gmail chat, etc.

Speaking of IP, if you're using names/places/characters/words from TSA, I'd be sure to reach out to Bakker sooner rather than later. His blog seems to be a decent way to do that, but maybe he'd get back to you if you ping him using his website.

That's really cool, William. Of course, if there's any way that members can help sharpen the execution, let me know.


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