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Achamian as the most powerful sorcerer left alive in the Three Seas.

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--- Quote from: Wilshire on January 10, 2019, 01:02:53 pm ---If Serwa isn't dead, she better be declared Not Dead at the start, or in some manner that's not supposed to be a surprise-twist. You are right though, her death seems disappointing given the time spent creating her.

--- End quote ---

Well, R kinda sorta maybe brought back Cnaiur in similar fashion. Roll with it, my fellow Consult! Play the hand we'll be dealt.

A bit late to this party. My take on the womb-plague/ark function and purpose:

There are hints that originally the Ark had insertants to start up the concept / device (whether it was called no-god then or not we can't know) to reduce the population to 144k. Why or how 144k we don't know.
Ark falls, device breaks and Inchoroi and Ark badly damaged/decimated.
Stuff happens. Including the innoculation.
Shae gets involved and figures (or assumes?) some stuff out.
Helps A&A rebuild the no-god.

To me the no-god is what stops the cycle of souls and effectively allows war / disease to reduce the population. No births and dead is dead. So the no-god needs to remain active for long enough to achieve that, otherwise you face a global war to keep trying to achieve 144k.

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