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PWYW at Drivethru RPG, I'd say check it out and if you like it show the creator some love via your wallet.

--- Quote ---Sufficiently Advanced is a transhuman roleplaying game of the far future.

Humanity has been reconstructed by time and technology. Wield incredible technological enhancements and thousands of years of expertise, or the ability to mold the story of the game. Play a digital intelligence with remote-controlled robot drones, a diplomatic team that shares a group-mind, a soldier infused with nanotechnology, or even a living starship. Play an Old-Worlder witnessing our fantastic universe for the first time, or a Masquerader taking on different identities each day.

This second edition runs on an entirely new diceless system. What consequences you are willing to accept in order to win? Or, when you are outmatched, can your failure help your team succeed? Use Plots and Projects to change the world, and force Complications on your characters now to warp the plot in their favor later on.

Discover five different futures: To The Stars, where you form a first-contact team reconnecting with the lost seeds of humanity. The Divide, full of espionage and intrigue, where trust is hard to find and the sides are ever shifting. The Powder Keg, a universe tumbling into a war that may mean the end of everything. Sublight, where secret societies champion their causes by transmitting their operatives across the stars. The Patent Office, where your team of Inspectors seeks to protect humanity from its own worst excesses.

The future is bright, but not without danger. Come explore it with us.
--- End quote ---

Also get the Chronotech supplement.

--- Quote ---
Everyone wants to know the future. Now everyone can.

Build characters with Chronotech, a new Capability that brings information from the future. Use autoredactors to change sensitive information before your opponents steal it. Loop through time to line up the perfect shot or make the perfect argument. Use historical information from the future to uncover secret organizations today.

Chronotech has new material for GMs too: new civilizations and societies based around issues of time travel and foreknowledge. Learn how the universe's existing civilizations will react to the ultimate disruptive technology, and get advice on how to handle the tricky subject of time travel in your game.

Chronotech is a supplement for Sufficiently Advanced. It is focused on the second edition, but contains backwards-compatible rules for the first edition as well.

--- End quote ---

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Review on RPG.Net

Actually I think that's a review for the first edition, mechanics have changed so I'd ignore that part given you can get the PDF of 2nd for free and pay if you end up enjoying the game.

Post on the changes between first and second edition

--- Quote ---The second edition is a diceless game. If you're in a conflict with someone, you use your Capabilities, Professions, and Core Values to get a total, and compare totals. (Various rules give modifiers, of course - teamwork, circumstances, etc.) Each side inflicts a Complication on the other, with the higher value taking a lesser Complication and the lower value taking a more serious one. You need to really overwhelm someone in order to come out unscathed. I like to say that the question in SA2 is not "can I roll well enough," but "am I willing to take the consequences." Along the same lines, Complications are now really the core of the game engine, and are used in more places.

The first edition had a single setting. This one has five, each in its own universe. They're sketched out in rough detail, just like the first edition was. Not all settings have the same civilizations and societies, but many of them reappear in multiple settings. Some universes allow wormholes; some don't. Some universes have fairly stable social situations; others are poised for change. There's an "infodump" section at the start of each setting that gives you an idea of what kind of stories you can best tell in that setting.

It's much easier to play nonstandard characters, like Replicants, group-minds, living starships, and digital intelligences. The Neuroform trait puts that sort of thing front-and-center in character creation, and the rules for playing (for example) a clone or duplicate of yourself are far more permissive and more fun in play. Body switching is given the spotlight as a major technology.

There are a number of smaller changes as well. Core Values are a bigger deal. There are some additional Themes (Action, Terror, and Wonder), and Plot Immunity got changed from being a theme to being a use for a theme. There have been some tweaks to the technology that's available, the largest change being that immortality is fairly common amongst high-tech civilizations. I also added to the Advice section, put in more civs and societies, and did some other minor expansion.

That's the big stuff. Is there anything specific that you were wondering about that I didn't cover?
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Man, this looks wicked! I'll check it out. Have you played it? I wanna be a conscious star ship!


--- Quote from: TaoHorror on January 13, 2019, 12:27:53 am ---Man, this looks wicked! I'll check it out. Have you played it? I wanna be a conscious star ship!

--- End quote ---

Not yet sadly. My interest in RPGs, though going back years, has largely been as a fanboy from the sidelines - as such I don't trust myself to GM a game...

But if anyone ever wants to try to be a GM for this I'd very much be down!


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