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YOU MUST TELL ME ... What else are you reading?

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I imagine that many forumers manage to read other stuff in between obsessive reads of TSA.

Just picked up Planesrunner by Ian McDonald.  Looks fun.  Interdimensional airships!

I'm still on the Malazan slog; I'm nearly finished with House of Chains now.

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. Depression, weed, tennis, wheelchair assassins, the human condition, beauty, dysfunctional families, life and death, meaning and meaningless, the value of entertainment, AA, suicide, Metro Boston, and more drugs. This book's got it all.

What Came Before:
In my backpack at the moment:

Louder Than Words - Benjamin K. Bergen
Reading in the Brain - Stanislas Dehaene (second reading)

And a textbook for spring semester:

Drugs, Brain, & Behaviour

third volume of delbruck's history of the art of war at the moment.  i imagine its principles will be useful in reading RSB's battles, incidentally, and generating inferences from them.


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