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Mark Lawrence Critiques First Pages

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So Mark Lawrence is critiquing first pages and he's done mine here. Too cool and he gave me lots to work with ;D.

I don't know if he's still accepting them (I randomly happened to find out and send him mine like the day after he first posted) but I recommend interested writers submitting.

That is too cool! What's the word count for submission?

Lol - indeed :). He said five hundred initially but I'm fairly sure other people did like "written page" submissions because I feel like mine was one of the shorter pieces (and I pushed it at 513, I think).

Five hundred words does not seem like a lot of room to get enough information across to hook a reader, but I guess you've got to do it in for first few paragraphs from the feedback Lawrence keeps giving back. Then again, you have to make every word count when you may only have a few of them

I probably should have gone Chapter 1, Page 1, in hindsight but Prologue, Page 1, gives me insight, regardless.


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