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What are you watching?

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Wanted to start a thread to see what you guys are wasting away your evenings with. So,  right now, at the moment I am engrossed in two shows

1. Better Call Saul, I absolutely love it. I loved Breaking Bad, so I gave this a shot and it hasn't disappointed. If you haven't watched it, do it now. Funny, and also many of the plotlines offer the dramatic. Really good.

2. The Walking Dead, I'm actually a late-comer to the show. Wife told me I'd love it and I binged watched it last year and got caught up. Never read the comics, so I have no clue where this story is going. But,  I love it.

Shows that aren't in Season, though I watch them religiously.

1. Game of Thrones
2. Ancient Aliens
3. Deadliest Catch
4. The Curse of Oak Island

Oh no, not ancient aliens man.

Lol. I don't buy into all of it. I do find it interesting nonetheless.

Its cringe inducing for me.

But I watch reruns of Futurama,  Rick and mortey, archer, etc, so I shouldn't talk.

The hair, though!  You must watch it for the hair!!!


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