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YOU MUST TELL ME ... What else are you reading?

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I got a bad habit of multiple book reading...

An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy by Gunnar Myrdal

Crucible of War by Fred Anderson

Civil War and Reconstruction by James Randall

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown

I'm on Midnight Tides now. Ugggh, too much Edur.

What Came Before:
That's where I stopped, Meyna. Never made it past Midnight Tides. Despite Deadhouse Gates being one of my favorite books ever... Duiker really got to me.

I'll make it through; I'm too invested in the awesomeness of certain characters to stop. Tattersail, Quick Ben, and Cotillion, for example.

Socrates is the original troll.  which illustrates that forum behavior hasn't changed an iota in online forums from what it was in ancient greece physical forums.

What a dick.  The worst kind of troll, the kind that keeps backsliding and protesting he's not actually trolling, and who never contributes an original thought.


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