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General Earwa / Prince of Nothing film
« on: August 05, 2017, 09:19:53 pm »
I smoked a fat ass blunt last night and started channeling the PoN trailer in my head pretty much. I was gonna post what I was seeing but that's silly, I can't communicate these images in text. I've got a really good sense for what could grab modern audiences without making the trailer feel like "ha ha this is movie of book I read!", like some corny trailer that reeks of a film adaptation for a niche book series. So here's what I'm thinking for what a PoN film would look like in a perfect world:

Number one thing is it'd need to be visionary, not Game of Thrones: Black Jizz Boogaloo, not some uninspired-looking fantasy film that vanishes from the box office in a week, but something almost 300-esque in its pop culture splash, something genuinely visually groundbreaking, a Kellhus who can communicate the tenderness of a beloved father and the cold menace and gravitas of a genetically engineered supercomputer, a Kellhus whose actor starts off as some no-name schlub and becomes something of a quasi-Christ figure in pop culture himself. An Achamian who is pathetic and endearing not in spite of it, but because of it. An Esmenet with arthouse muse-tier levels of beauty.

The pitch black doom and gloom needs to go. Bakker's world feels the most real when the characters are joking, when we hear Three Seas idioms or learn about some crazy shit that happened in camp because of an Ainoni who did this or a Conriyan who did that. Number one thing, again, is grandeur, something like Ron Fricke's Baraka/Samsara films, not just sweeping shots of the New Zealand countryside like in LOTR but an otherworldliness that can only really be communicated by striking use of color, sunsets, sunrises, exotic figures in exotic dress, shots of armies marching across Malick-esque vistas of desolation and beauty.

I think you can only really sell the beauty, the weight of a world like Earwa if you keep it grounded in the reality of its evil. The horror needs to be sharp, difficult, HR Giger-esque, but very restricted in application: you need to have audiences reeling from just the mention of the Consult, but not hordes of big-dicked white-skinned dog men bearing down on armies. I have no fucking idea how you could sell the Sranc, the Inchoroi and the Bashrag et al, sure, but something would have to be done about those turgid horns.

But I'm just bullshitting, you guys ever think about this shit

The Unholy Consult / [TUC Spoilers] Who/what did Mimara see?
« on: August 02, 2017, 09:35:05 pm »
Who protects Mimara? A genuine force for good? It says when she's looking through the Chorae that oblivion is the skin of a deeper light - do the Inchoroi, Nonmen, Dunyain all get caught on this void and its preceding levels because of their deficiency of spirit?

The big question is: even with all this depravity and horror and evil, is there a bona fide transcendent, supreme God/principle looking out for Mimara?

The Unholy Consult / [TUC Spoilers] Mechanics of Damnation
« on: August 01, 2017, 03:38:53 am »
So who are the Nonmen damned "by"? If damnation is going to the God you most embodied in earthly life, why is it the Nonmen are damned by Ajokli, since the Inverse Fire is his House?

Why is it no one whose stared into the Inverse Fire has ever seen paradise? Are just the nonmen indiscriminately damned? Why would the punishment for sinning be being tortured for eternity by beings millions of times more horrific than anything capable in the temporal realm?

Just finished TUC. Whoo wee bros that shit was bananas. Dude's a master of the "Illiadic" battle scenes - every great ordeal scene was crack - and after reading the Golgotterath assault in 2 sittings I felt exhausted. He lays the imagery pretty thick but occasionally a metaphor is just so vivid and precise for what he's describing that the image leaps right into my head, I can't say that happens with a lot of authors for me. Literally the only fiction I read anymore and had me absolutely riveted.

So. Can't say he delivered the goods about the G-string coming off, insofar as I thought he was gonna spell everything out.

Was Ajokli playing (literal) 4D chess to conquer both the Real and Hell? Or I guess Kellhus was going to take over Hell? But why would Ajokli give up eternity for the world? Were they one and the same after Kellhus got tied to the circumfix? If you really wanted to save the world why would you make a pact with literal fucking Satan?

Kellhus is not a man but a principle, but what principle is that? Deception, ie Ajokli? If the God of Gods is the void of death, and Ajokli represents that void "deceiving" itself into becoming something instead of nothing ("Let there be deceit, let there be desire"), which has its parallels with BBT in that consciousness is nothing but the consequence of the brain's "blindness", "ignorance" of its causal underpinning, did Kellhus mistake this originary self-deception as the Absolute? Makes sense though, doesn't it, since it is the darkness prior to the Logos (his love of Esmenet) that dooms him in the end?

 And there are many references to how humanity, their lives, their customs and beliefs can only exist in this space opened up by this "deception" - of the impersonal, empty "what" of the void becoming a "who" in/through the soul - and indeed, the soul is co-essential with the abyss' self-negation. And yeah, since the No-God is the Absolute, the abyss before its bifurcation into subject/object, its screaming WHAT DO YOU SEE is nothing but the "what" hungering for predication, to be something.

So we have what, here, exactly, the very principle of reality's groundlessness, its being unable to see behind its own back, eventually undermined by that very fact - the spontaneity, the unaccountability of love arising from an unfathomable darkness?

Help me out here bros, man this shit is convoluted.

General Earwa / Lack of skin-spies in the glossary
« on: July 02, 2013, 07:15:23 am »
So any ideas why skin-spies are mysteriously absent from the TTT glossary? I guess if the TTT glossary is supposed to be read as an historical document it makes sense, since skin-spies are a new creation of the Tekne, but I've never actually been told that by Bakker or anyone else on this board. So what gives?

This isn't really that big of a deal, I'm just trying to spark some conversation in this lovely forum of ours :(

General Misc. / The Quorum
« on: June 26, 2013, 05:09:53 am »
Hey guys, just wondering if other people are having problems with the chat room like I am. Usually I don't see anything, but other times I get a log of the last dozen or so messages sent which is cool, but doesn't happen reliably enough that I can get in on the action. Is it just firefox or something? I'd really like to talk to some of you guys 'bout this shit in real time, lol.

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