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The Knife of Many Hands [Spoilers]

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First I've heard of a new short by Bakker, yet to be published:

--- Quote from: Post Title ---A short-story set in Carythusal on the eve of the Scholastic Wars which Grimdark Magazine is set to publish, likely in two parts, sometime in the near future

--- End quote ---

Not sure if this is actually going to be considered an Atrocity Tale.


i think that's what i called a +5 Vorpral sword i found playing AD&D when i was 12.

I like the name:P.

Pretty sure there are at least two people on this forum that have tried, or are trying, to get published there. Something about paying per word.

I'm pretty hyped about this, but simultaneously bummed that it explicitly says 'the eve'.

...Still hyped, though.  Some bit of morsel for me to enjoy while I wait for the main course.

Looks like that magazine is really cheap (and cool)


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